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  • Virginia Mason and I know there is a Starbucks walking distance, cuz we are staying at the Inn at Virginia Mason. Let me know if that works. It would be cool to meet another Chris;) Blessings:)
  • Hi Christine,

    What part of Seattle will you be in? I'm assuming one of the medical centers, maybe.
    I may have time the afternoon of May 7.

    Kris K.
  • I am new to VOI am coming to Seattle may 5 - 7 for a medical appt. for my mom and was wondering if there was someone to have a coffee and chat with; I'll buy the Starbucks!! Blessings:)
  • My husband and I are going up to Bellevue to be extras in a movie this saturday, I know it will be so much fun! Blessings:)
  • Kris, I can't wait to meet Veronica, she sounds like a lot of fun and yeah, I know she will make me work. Blessings:)
  • I'm glad I was able to help. Veronica and Steve are great, very professional.
  • Oh, good news Christine!
  • Mike and Kris thanks for the heads up. I just spoke to Veronica and we are going to set something up, maybe next week. That will be a big help to me (Flo from Progressive speaking "I just love this site") Blessings:)
  • Mike I live in Yelm and I know Monroe is not that far(I used to drive with my jobs for 30 years)so I will check that out. The other is are there any VO coaches other than Seattle that anyone can think of, that would be helpful too.

    Thanks to Kris and Mike for the heads up. Blessings:)
  • Christine, I was also going to recommend Steve Mitchell. But aren't you in the Olympia area? There must be several people closer to you, I just don't know whom.
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