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  • I'm attending for sure.
  • UPDATE....how many attending VOICE 2010? Last count there were 4 here I think.
  • Hi Bill,

    You can find me on Facebook. I find it very useful, but I'm also an actress. It makes it easy to keep up with all the actors I've worked with plus producers and directors who've hired me in the past.
  • Hello all,

    I made a comment yesterday (since removed) regarding this group all meeting in LA at VOICE2010 and discussing a NW Voice Actor seminar as part of our earlier thread about meeting in person in the future.

    Apparently, my comments were taken out of context and were unfortunately misleading to some. My identification of individuals was irresponsible and lead some people to assume that these professionals were either presenting this June or were confirmed as attending the conference in any way.

    My apologies to all for the sincerely innocent comments that allowed miscommunication and confusion.

    Welcome to My Way 吾道不孤 | My Way 吾道不孤
  • I Facebook, on occasion, when I'm pressed....

  • Ooops! $210!
  • True Bill. Hey - how many of y'all are on Facebook?
  • It IS Tax Deductible, but you need to have the money in the first place in order to write it off in the second place! (Groceries or Plane Ticket?)
  • TEN BUCKS TO LAX ROUNDTRIP? Man, the shuttle from the airport is $50.
  • The stuff we obsess about, eh Bill and Mike?
    The plane ticket wasn't too bad. I think it was $10. Not sure what the event and hotel will run.
    And Mike, It IS tax deductible, isn't it? ;)
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