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  • Yes, there is Steve Mitchell Productions in Monroe. Lots of VO experience. 206-547-3230
  • Hey everybody, my question is are there recording studios in Washington that know about VO.

    Vocational Rehab in Washington State is asking me to find one to create a demo and then they might be willing to foot the bill.

    No offense to anyone outside of Washington...government. Anyway, if someone has a suggestion please let me know soon. Thanks Blessings:)
  • Hey Joey...
    You're popping up everywhere! How's your hand?
  • I haven't added it up yet, but close to $1600 or so seems about right. I'm not planning on the banquet, just to keep costs down.
  • I'm looking at closer to $2000 with the banquet and the extra night for volunteer orientation. Cheaper than most other VO seminars!
  • I am definitely going! Warning!!! I am the lady with 10,000 questions and also a sponge...tee hee. This is my first Voice and as one just starting out I can't think of any place better. See you there. Blessings:-)
  • VOICE 2010...looks like total expenses would come to about $1600-$1700 when you roll in every lil' thing. Anyone else??
  • When a small market TV station says they're paying a $150 monthly retainer for 10 station promos (and someone's actually working at this rate) you begin to wonder why you're doing this.
  • I'm in and also volunteering.

    I'll probably see everyone when you check-in!!!
  • I will be there. This is my third one! It's a wonderful opportunity to get out from behind the mic and meet and mingle with lots of great folks. :-)
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