Everybody thinks of LA for VO talent in California. Northern California has lots going on and lots of talent in the VO world! This is a place to network about all thing VO in North California!
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  • Two-time Emmy Nominee, Bob Bergen, is coming to San Francisco for a very special workshop -- his VO Group Therapy Workshop.  It's not his animation workshop and it's not on mic.  Get to where you want to in your career with more ease and clarity!!
    Below is a review of his NY VO Group Therapy class from someone that took it that may give you more info:

    Here's the flyer on the class that shows place, dates, and price:

    I hope you can make it!  We still have some spots left, so please pass the word!  

    Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions at 917-842-5395, or at marian@marianmassaro.com



    Grammy winning audio book producer/director and coach, Paul Ruben is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area to teach a two-day audiobook narration workshop, Sept 22, 23. This will be an intense weekend in an intimate studio setting with one-on-one coaching, five recording opportunities, and guidance on how to self-direct and generate work. Attendance is limited to 10 people; cost for this workshop is $695.00. Please contact Ann M Richardson for details and to register.  annmrichardson@hersmoothvoice.com
  • Hello Nor Cal voice actors!  We have not been very active on this page for a while, have we?  What is everyone up to?

  • Hi,

    It looks like it's been a while since there was activity for this group, but I'm new to VU and saw the flag, so I'm stepping up to be counted! I'm in Napa (the city). I'm nearly finished with my masterclass at SuchAVoice, and will have a completed demo in April. I've started making my lists of ad agencies and sound engineers in Sacramento and SF to contact. Any info on how spread out we are in the area?



  • Welcome, John. From where do you hail?
  • Got it, Hey thanks!
  • Hi Ann and DC.
    Could you fill me in on what an APA mixer is? Just Curious!
  • Hi DC,
    I forged ahead already and booked a flight and hotel room. The hotel is between LAX and Hollywood, so I figured it wouldn't incur too much $ in taxis. The event is at a nightclub called Les Deux Restaurant on N. Las Palmas in Hollywood.
  • Hello all,
    (Especially DC) I just registered for the APA mixer in Hollywood on Aug 6th. Is anyone else going? Can anyone recommend a nearby hotel?
  • Dear DC,

    Thanks so much for your guidance, words of wisdom, and kindness! I hope we get to meet, I promise to let you know how my journey through the VO world progresses!

    Best Wishes,

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