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  • Hi Michael: Just tried out for a song jingle (one liners0 on a movie trailer. Wish me luck!! Don't think I will get it, but, it's fun to try anyway. Thanks again for your warm welcome to the NYC group. It was really appreciated. Carol M. Hahn
  • Also! If you go to the nyanimefestival.com site and click on "Professionals" on the left column about halfway down, you can get a free pass for the weekend as entertainment professionals (actors and non-actors) You have to do it soon though.
  • Hi Adam! I just checked out that website... Lots of vo actors from NY I'm familiar with that I didn't realize did that.. Great to know.. Are you going? I'd like to see a few of them -- but I've got a busy weekend, that weekend -- I have to see. I'd especially like to see Michael Sinterniklaas. I've been on auditions at his place in NYC. They do quite a few things here.. Do you know him? He's a great guy to make contact with...

    We're speaking tomorrow afternoon, right?
  • Sept. 26-28

  • Hi everyone!

    If anyone in the tri-state area needs help setting up their new mac computer and/or recently switched to Pro Tools, and needs a few one-on-one classes -- wanted to let you about a great guy I found. I've recently switched from PC to Mac -- and although I know The Apple Stores give lessons for $99 for the yr., they only allow you to come for classes 1 hr. a wk. on that plan I was told, and I needed to move things along a "little" faster than that.

    I met Rick VanBenschoten at an "Aftra at Work" seminar a few yrs ago. He taught a class in Pro Tool. When I made the computer switch, I sent him an email, and he DOES make house calls. Rick also teaches Pro Tools at NY University, and works in the audio dept. of WABC-TV in NY editing their audio for All My Children, sports events, and other programs. If anyone wants a little extra help with this and you live someplace where he can take a train to you, I wanted to pass his info on. You can reach Rick at rickvanben@gmail.com. (I got his ok to post his email.) While other computer experts charge $100 - $150 per hour and up for house calls, Rick is just slightly under that. PS -- He does not work on PC's, but if you need help in that area, he does know of someone who he referred to a friend, and she was very pleased.

    Hope it helps.


    PS -- Welcome Adam!!! :)
  • Hi everyone! I'm new to the NYC voiceover community, and just wanted to say hello. Just finished grad school and am looking to get into VO, which I've studied for about two years now. I also teach singing if anyone's looking. www.adam-kern.com/teaching.html

    rock on!
  • Hey Jennifer - i used to have my studio in Jersey City - an easy commute, but for some reason, the PATH sucks on rainy days - it seems EVERYTHING goes wrong with it. I've since moved my studio home and no commuting beats the PATH any day of the week... so tech is good.
  • Depends on the Client. I'm headed into Manhattan tommorrow( I'm in Long Guyland) for a gig, but quite often my studio is good enough.
  • I just auditioned for a jingle job that pays $1,200. They closed the audition right after I auditioned for it. The were looking for 50 submissions and closed it after getting 8 submissions. Please keep your fingers crossed for me Betty and I'll do the same for you and your union music. I hope your enjoying some fireworks....It's raining up here. Happy 4th Everyone!
  • Thanks again for the advice Marian. I think I'll give HB a shot in the fall. If anyone else is thinking about it too, let me know. It always helps knowing someone when starting a new class.
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