New Media Gear is all about trying out the gear.Have a mic, processor, DAW or other gear in mind? Listen to it before you buy.We've been at this since 2005 with and just moved to
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  • The next audio show on NewMediaGear will cover a few very inexpensive mixers.

    We'll talk about their mic pre-amps (vs. discrete) and if you even need a mixer for your workflow?

    Thanks to all who joined! Please spread the word.

    Mark Jensen,
  • Hey Mark, thanks for inviting me.
  • Mark,

    Thanks for the show 'PodSqod'! It has been a great inspiration to me over the past year. You are down to earth and just a great guy! God Bless You and thanks again
  • Audio from 3 MXL Studio MIcs
  • Technical issues resolved and new studio mic show posted!

    - Mark
  • Thanks to everyone that joined.

    Tonight was supposed to be a recording night, but I noticed a small amount of hum on Lauras mic just before hitting record.

    We probably could have layed down the track without anyone noticing, but little things like that bug me until I find the source.

    Tomorrow will be a fresh start with multi-meter in hand.

  • Thanks for the invite Mark. I have passed an invite on to my nephew who is very interested in doing voice work as a profession.
  • love to hear u try out gear for us!
  • Thanks for the invite Mark!
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