For connecting voice talent based in New England.
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  • Hi everyone. I just wanted to post so I'd have February 2009 all to myself :)

    Haze.. how are you getting from Westfield to Boston in 45 minutes? Transporter? Helicopter? TGV?
  • George - welcome to the VU (not to be confused with "The View") from NH.
  • Hey George! I'm "right across town" in Westfield...welcome to the circle man! I hope things are going well for you! - Haze
  • Hi Folks, cool idea for a group and glad to have found it.
    I'm out in the western side of Mass in the oddly-named town of Belchertown.
    Odd name, nice place. I'll have to check in to VU more often!
  • sure hope you are all toasty and safe after the Great Ice Storm of 2008
  • Holy crap! New Englanders UNITE! This is cool....I sometimes felt like I was the only aspiring voice actor in these here parts!!! I'm from Westfield which is basically minutes from Springfield and approx. 45 min from Boston....and I wanna be one of the most sought after voice actors in the world! I have a demo set up on my if your can get an idea of my range...ALL VOICES are me ..FYI and soon I'll have more detailed stuff up for everyone to until next time....thanks for having me aboard! OH MY GAAAAAWD DAMON OAKES!!!!! DUUUUDE! HA HA HAAAAAAAAA Whaaaasup!? Oh you have better stay intouch now!!! "No Blahs today " AND CHUCK DAVIS!! YO dude (a recently aquired kindered spirit!) whats up mang!!!
  • Howdy all from the hickville that is Wilton, NH! :-)
  • Greetings all from Upstate NY, a little west of Albany . I am new to the VO Universe and so far I think it's awesome.
  • Wow. Here's some familier faces! Hi all from SE CT/Mystic.
  • we have more people to carpool with to Promaxx! Berlin.....ride your bike my way so we can grab a beer......hurry!!
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