A place where newbies to the voiceover world may come together and talk about being new,anyone wanting to give newbies advice and anyone that remembers what it felt like to be new.
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  • Just wanted to share with this group, just cuz we haven't done VO very much or long, doesn't mean exciting things can't happen... I submitted a story I wrote for the Holiday Magic CD. With some help from Jim Alburger, it was selected to be included! Talk about amazing!!

    I took it one step further and next week I will be distributing them to children's hospitals here in Washington state. I can't wait !!!

    I am not sure where I heard/saw this quote but I think it is somerhing to live by."the only person who can stop you is you."

    Merry Christmas and blessings:)
    Christine Ivy
  • Happy Holidays to everyone and to your families!


    Here's to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2011 for you all!



    Cheyenne, WY


  • I was doing ok in St. Louis...got an agent, doing radio spots with Clear Channel, and an Audio book with a contract through Audible.com.

    Now I'm in NYC and things are a bit different. No agent as of yet and no gigs. I've only been here 3 weeks, so we'll see. Got a class I'll be attending at Edge Studios up here so I'm looking forward to that.
  • Hello everyone,

    I am starting up in the world of VO in rural America. I live in Wyoming (about 100 miles north of Denver) and am grateful for forums and groups such as this to help out. There is a wealth of information out there and it is so nice to have it in one place! My home studio is set up and I have done a few small projects (commercials and on hold messages) and I continue to take classes and learn (a never ending, but enjoyable journey.)

    I am anxious to hear how everyone is starting out and getting heard in this industry.

    Cheyenne, WY
  • Hi Everyone! I am a "newbie" to this wonderful, crazy, sometimes uncertain biz. :) I've been exploring VU for a week now and am happy to be among all of you!
  • Welcome Dan and thank you, Linda, the one I have is actually called ACCENTS, amazon.com
  • By the way, here's a link to voiceover central: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/home.php?sk=group_1599798973677...
  • Hey there fellow Newbies. I created a group on Facebook called Voiceover Central, and several of the industry's top notch professionals have agreed to answer all your voiceover questions. Check it out, it'll be worth it.
    Dan Bailey
  • Any body know of an accent book/cd collection they can recommend to help learn to do different accents?
  • Just loaded an interview I did about Voice Overs for Video and the Web. Download it for FREE at my new site Http://www.VirtualVoiceOverTraining.com.
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