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  • Hi Chris

    You make some very good points and I and thankful for that. At this point I want to concentrate on recordings right now and do the spots very well.
    Bye for now,

  • Hey Tom,

    1. I am not 100% sure but they should be doing the leg work (in my opinion) but if you can help them along the way, it might help to ensure you get the job. After convincing them they need a radio spot, they need to know how much it will cost them for the spot. So, if you are handling the scripting, voiceing, producing, etc. you should have a price for all of the above. Otherwise it's a matter of getting the script, voiceing, editing, and sending back to them.

    2. If a client has decided to use you for the answering system, they should already know how it's going to work. You simply record, edit, and send back to them. If they don't know, then that's another thing.

    3. When making cold calls, it really doesn't matter who you speak with (to a point). Ask for someone in PR, advertising, or any other department you can think might be related to what you are seeking. Even if you don't get a specific person, remember to be nice, be yourself, give them useful information (your services, contact info, etc.).

    Please remember that this is just one person's opinion and someone else who has had more experience dealing with this side of the business may have slightly different ideas. The idea though is to know your service inside and out so you can be confident when you speak to prospective clients. Are you simply providing voice overs or are you offering more in depth services? I hope this helps and maybe someone else will chime in :-)

    VO Edit by Design
  • Hello everyone. As a newbie I still have many unanswered questions that need to be addressed. I have reviewed several web sites bu,t I am unable to find answers for the following. I would much appreciate your input.

    1. If I convince a company to use my services. What's the next step for me to advise the client what they need to do, especially if they have never purchased a radio spot? Who is the client to contact or should I be doing the leg work for them?

    2. What if a client needs me to do a recording for thier answering machine. What do I advise them how to get this set up?

    3. Cold calls.Is there usually a type of person/department I should ask for in a business. What are some of the key things to mentioned to the client that will help me? I guess I am looking for something of an organized idea(s) so it looks professional when I call.

    Thank you,

  • WELCOME John Keith and Mesha,happy to have you,VU is an awesome site Mesha,lots of coaches here.Thx Rodney for the mothers day wish,Gonna check ya out Keith,hey hey John,thx for the quick supportive response Chris. Hope to hear you soon.
  • Hey Mesha,
    I know there are many really good coaches out there. Not sure what area of the world you are in but some coaches offer "tele-coaching". I Gabby at VoCareer.com offers this. if she doesn't suit you then you can check out folks like Julie Williams or Melody Jones. If you are looking for a local coach then it all depends on your location. The folks at VOCareer can also help you find a local coach. They have an extensive database of reputable coaches through out the United States (and Canada, I believe). I hope this helps.

  • Hi... My name is Mesha and I'm thrill to be a part of VU. I'm looking for a great coach does anyone have suggestions?
  • Hi
    My name is Keith! New on the scene! When you have a minute - check me out (The Urban Knight Rider)...smile! Glad to be apart of the group!
  • To all mothers and mother’s to be Happy Mothers Day!
  • Hi Everyone-

    I just posted another video on my blog called "Watch Sound Disappear Right Before Your Ears!"
    Check it out here:
  • THANK YOU DONNA,i hope it is of great use to you
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