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  • There is also a free recording tool called "twistedwave". I read a little about it on the VU Tech group forum. BTW, the person who started that group is anti-protools and says that right out front, so I wouldn't go there to ask ProTools questions. :) But he's one of the creators of the free Twistedwave and says it's pretty simple and works great. I haven't tried it yet... still trying to master ProTools and my poor little brain is on overload with smoke coming out my ears. (not really, it wasn't THAT hard.)
  • BIG HUGS for you Alton,just what I needed to know,much thanks
  • To run Pro Tools, you need at least the corresponding hardware to accompany the version of Pro Tools you have installed.

    If you are running Pro Tools 8 LE you would need either Mbox hardware (Mbox 2 Micro, Mbox 2 Mini, Mbox 2, or Mbox 2 Pro) or a 003 Family hardware (003 Factory, 003 Rack, or 003 Rack+ Factory).

    Pro Tools HD is a add-in PCI/PCIe board based solution pairing Pro Tools software with HD Core (PCI), Accel Core (PCIe), HD Accel (PCI) or (PCIe) cards along with a Digidesign HD i/o audio interface hardware.

    You can read more about this on the digidesign.com web site under Products > Pro Tools.


  • WOW great on the communication.Thanks much! Someone installed pro tools on my mac but when i made the effort to use it,it said i needed equipment...awww foooey i like to just click and play....dont know what all you need besides the disc.so i had the copy from the disc but went to the sight and thought i needed to download something which then freakin X'd out the copy from the disc and so on.I do have audacity also.I love my group,you are all awesome.
    UPDATE ME...what's going on everybody????
  • Hi All.

    This for Christine.

    To convert Audacity files to MP3 ... get the LAME MP3 encoder.

    Go to this link ...


    Click on the top version ... 3.98.2 and save the zip file to your PC.

    Double click on it when it has arrived. You will then get an extra option when you go to save your Audacity file .. "Export to MP3" .. It works fine .. I use it all the time.

    Good luck.

    Best regards All.

  • Note - If you have not already installed your separately purchased license for the Digidesign Pro Tools 8 while installing Pro Tools, you will need to download the MP3 Installer for Mac/Win from Digidesign. (see link below)

  • The Digidesign Pro Tools MP3 Option for Pro Tools 7.3 and higher is $19.95 online from the DigiStore.

  • STEVEN goooood to see you,give us more.20 for which plug in.
  • Ann, it's only $20 for the Pro Tools MP3 plug in!
  • Al, I completely agree. If you're not careful where you put your VO work in iTunes, you could end up like I did.... in the middle of a 6 mile run, my snappy, upbeat music was interrupted by a 30-second spot for Canadian flu shot availability. What a motivational killer!!!! :)
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