A place where newbies to the voiceover world may come together and talk about being new,anyone wanting to give newbies advice and anyone that remembers what it felt like to be new.
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  • Well, if I could type. I meant to say "The Art of Voice Acting"
  • Just a comment for my fellow newbies. Out of all of the books I have read in the last year as I started my venture into VO, I have found that "Voice Actor's Guide to Recording at Home and On the Road" by Harlan Hogan and Jeff Fisher is probably the most practical and informative. There are several other great ones (The Art of Voice Actin), but I think, for me, this was the most helpful.
  • Welcome Nicoma,
    So happy to have you,share yourself.
  • This is such great stuff! The reading aloud is an absolute must - totally agreed!
    Thanks for all the great info.

    Barry Trussell
  • Hey Joi! I have been busy completing my newest demo. I'm very proud of it and would love some feedback from you and others! And Happy Easter to you too!
  • I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter.I know we haven't been active
    lately but I think of you all daily and pray for your continued success.
    I know you are growing,If you are still here it means you are still
    making efforts,which means you are growing. Please check out The
    Daily for things to be inspired by as well as things you may enjoy
    reading aloud as it is mandatory to practice reading aloud for practice.
    Be well.Each one teach one.Cme and share something,share yourself.
  • Hey Joi, thought I would swing in and say Hiya :)
  • welcome,MARLO,glad you joined the group.
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