A place where newbies to the voiceover world may come together and talk about being new,anyone wanting to give newbies advice and anyone that remembers what it felt like to be new.
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  • OMG i was having this discussion with Storm about who tells the truth.
    does everyone pat you on the back and say good job.does anyone say
    hey umm you might wanna rethink xyz.if someone is willing to tell you the truth
    do you really wanna hear it?let's ask
  • Welcome the marvelous J S GILBERT.i am so pleased to have you.please whatever it is speak on it.newbies take full advantage of his presence in the group! i will.
  • hey hey hey WELCOME Christina,

    you know i'm excited to have you and support you in anyway i can.
    i / you have the same in this lovely newbie family here.make use of it.
    talk soon.
  • Jon
    I have take two improv classes myself. I am in Lexington KY. They do help. The main thing that I have gotten from them is learning to relax. One problem with newbies in VO or anything I guess is the wanting to rush and forget to breath. The classes helped a lot with that.
  • Hey guys. Thanks for all the words of welcome. Now, a question for you... I'm thinking about taking an improv class in January. Has anyone else here taken improv to improve their acting skills? If anyone in Los Angeles is interested in doing this with me, I'm looking into the Upright Citizens Brigade classes.

    Happy Sunday Night!
  • Mark i second that emotion! Adam my pleasure i hope you get exactly what you need.
  • Hi all.. Thanks for having me.. great idea to get those that are new to the site together.. :)

  • Joi....

    Thanks for starting this forum! I said from day 1 when Zurek started this site that it had a sense of family. I love the fact that "Newbies" like me have been embraced as if we've been colleagues for years. I appreciate all the knowledge, the wisdom, the training videos, and the laughs from you all. You all are so good that I am dripping with fresh talent around me...and I have to say..I am learning from all of you. I welcome the honest critique, and the accolades if they come. I am a newbie to this thing...but damn it..the potential feels good! If I were coloring my words right now...I could almost taste it! I am currently training with Melody Jones (she is on this site) and I have to say..she is stretching me out. I look forward to reading your posts and adding my own two cents in a hot second!
  • Mark and Chuk, welcome welcome welcome,i am excited to have you
    can't wait for your contribution wether it be in questions we all need the answers to or answers to questions asked a joke when needed or a hooray on someone elses progress.talk to you soon.
  • LOOK OUT, Welcome ADAM to Newbie News,it's great to have you!
    Stay active,put your 2 cents in,get to know the rest of the fam.start a
    discussion.and ask,ask,ask.
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