A place where newbies to the voiceover world may come together and talk about being new,anyone wanting to give newbies advice and anyone that remembers what it felt like to be new.
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  • Orion, check out Bobbin Beam's blog posting about building her DAWBOX. Lots of pictures, cost breakdowns, etc.
  • lol yeah I had some school things to do the pass couple days. xD but yeah I is back now. lol I guess the word about this group spread quickly
  • i know Brittany i missed you.i was about to come looking for you.yes we are growing,go meet the rest of family.
  • Yeah I've read it too. I thought that it helped me alot. and XD omg I havent been on for like 2 days and we now have 24 people here! Thats awesome
  • i've already read it Tara it was a great read.i've also read you can bank on your voice,the secrets to voiceover success,the art of voice acting.i support them all and they all speak on the studio situation.
  • Just read VOICE FOR HIRE by Randy Thomas. It had a lot of good info about home studio, very specific. Check it out.
  • Welcome Wilson,
    i'm so happy to have you here.thank you,put your 2 cents in.stay active.
  • i think storm,james and ross have spoken on it prior in the comments bue certainly check with james and storm
  • Has anyone thought of building their own home studio? If so, what equipment have you been looking at? I ordered the plans to build the DAWBOX. Haven't had a chance to even dip into the package yet. But from all the research that is cheapest way to go for a sound booth. But mainly just curious if anyone has gotten to the point of really investing some money into this career being newbies at it.
  • WELCOME Roger L. Moore our newest Newbie,so happy to have you!
    ask,answer,laugh,learn,stay active.
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