A place where newbies to the voiceover world may come together and talk about being new,anyone wanting to give newbies advice and anyone that remembers what it felt like to be new.
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  • Michael, I know how that goes with the "other job" thing. When I've done a 60 hour week outside of the studio, I don't even bother trying to be real for the mic. I can't fake being alive if I'm feeling like the undead.

    Your demos are top notch though, good work there! And now that Voces.com shows you how many responses you are actually competing with, it makes you think again about what some of our esteemed colleagues here have said about alternative channels to finding work. Much of what I do is alternatively sourced, but I'm still stuck to the idea that the marketplace is where all the action is...maybe I need to get "unstuck".

    You sound like you've got a few "characters" lurking and frolicking behind that natural guy next door voice of yours...or do I just have an over active imagination?
  • Welcome Michael,
    great to have you,ask,answer,laugh,learn,stay active
  • Hello, I am new to the scene. Got demos, but haven't had any work yet. I was auditioning on Voices for several months but stopped because it seemed a waste of time and money, with no result. I will get back to the sites soon if only for practice. I need to market myself and find a niche that I can start in. I also need to dedicate more time to it. I work about 60 hours per week in my regular job.. Hope to back off on the Nursing Job and increase the Voice. At least being an RN is a good back up.
  • One gig in a hundred demos sounds depressing. I don't know about the rest of you, but if it had taken me that long to land my first job, I would have sold my studio stuff and given up - so its probably good I was so uninformed. I once heard that 1 in 20 was normal. I even felt that was harsh - but tolerable. Its not that I can't take the "rejection" - it just doesn't seem worth it. When I add up what I spend on equipment, then count up my hours, if I'm only making a little more than that cute chick at Burger King or that nice old man at Walmart, then I'm thinking I might as well join them. There is an "apprentice" phase you've got to go through - 1 or 2 years where you are learning the ropes, cutting your teeth, finding your voice...but after that...school is out. You are still a newbie...but rookies gotta pay the rent too, and with the average job at places like voices.com going for under $500, one in a hundred would be telling me that I should be calling what I do in the studio a hobby.

    That's just the world according to John, though. I'd really like to hear what you all have to say about success rates and how much effort should go into getting a gig and all that.
  • Welcome Jerry Wells,
    i appreciate that Jerry has graciously offered himself and his 30 yrs of experience to us all.i would suggest that we all take advantage of this opportunity.Jeff i certainly appreciate you and your 2 cents as well,positive reinforcement is ALWAYS needed so you can just give it freely and we will just sop it up.to all of you i appreciate each of you and your voice,if you are hear even your silence speaks volumes.however STAY ACTIVE !!!!!
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  • welcome JEFF,
    great to see you here,i'm so happy you joined us.let your voice be heard!put your 2 cents in.thanks
  • Newbies,welcome Cyril,
    hey Cyril,so happy to see you here.i hope you add something and can take away something.come on laugh and learn with us.
  • lol wow John you had a long 2 cents. :D But it was very good, I learned some stuff off of it, and lol now I know how much most of the stuff is that I needed to know.
  • well check it out,there he is.....JOHN.so appreciate your 2 cents John.great detail and writing style and need to know, want to know info.
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