Bonjour! Hola! Hallo! Ni Hao!If you record in another language besides (or in addition to!) English: Welcome!
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  • Thanks Liz.
  • Hi all!
    If you're in Canada and see/hear an ad in French for the Jonas Brothers new album, the #voiceover would be me! :-)
  • Welcome Miguel!
  • Hi Liz and all members,
    I'm a European Portuguese talent that also has a good English for any voice platform.
    Just visit and listen to a male and female voice samples. All the samples were recorded at our Home Studio.
    We are here to be your voice in Portuguese of Europa.
    Greetings from Portugal
  • Thanks, Liz, or should I say merci? I'll be sure to keep in touch.

    Take care,
  • Hey Dale!
    It has been a bit quiet here lately...hopefully because everyone has been working up a storm! :-)

    Keep in touch!


  • Hi and Hola! I'm a native English speaker, but I mostly grew up in various Latin American countries (born in Brazil, lived in Uruguay, El Salvador, Guyana, Costa Rica and Chile) and have visited many more. I still have an excellent ear for Spanish and can read it with a pretty convincing "native" accent. I look forward to learning a lot about other group members' experiences. (I'll upload a Spanish demo or two--they're all on my homepage:
  • Hi Arnaly!


  • Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!!
    My name is Arnaly Arriaga and I am a Hispanic VO talent. I also record in English with Hispanic accent and Brazilian and European Portuguese.
  • Welcome to all our newest members!
    May 2009 be happy, healthy & prosperous for us all! :-)

    So? What are your plans for ramping up your careers in the new year?
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