Training tips, resources, marketing, graphics, demo critiques, audition tips and more. Receive easy to understand responses and direction to help you through your voiceover journey. Deb Munro is here to help!
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  • new to the group, hello everybody.
  • Wow!!! I just finished a private session with Deb in BC. It was absolutely fantastic and I learned so much and learned there is much more to learn.

    For those of you thinking of going to one of her wksps, I highly recommend it . The investment you make in this will come back ten fold(no she did not pay me to say this)

    I am interested in going to her wksp in Hawaii on April 17 & 18 and was wondering if some lady would like to share a room with me. They do have some affordable places and by sharing, it would cut the cost for both of us(I am doing the same thing for VOICE). Let me know what you think

    For more info on this workshop, contact her, she is more than willing to talk to you. Blessings:)
  • HI Deb:

    Enjoyed your teleseminar with Penny and James last night. Looking forward to your two-day workshop here in Orlando on April 24th and 25th.
  • Deb,
    Forgive me for not listening live tonight. But I'm going to keep the mp3 close to my heart :-)

  • Deb,
    Excellent teleseminar this evening. Keep rockin', girlfriend!
    xox- Bobbin
  • Hey Deb, I just finished the teleseminar with you and I so can't wait to work with you in person. I know I have made the right decision after listening to you tonight.Now all I have to do is come up with the shekels and the date(probably best in that order I would imagine) Anyway, talk to you soon. Blessings:)
  • Hey Deb, I found your group and thought this was a great way to pick up some tips. I want to go to VOICE and need to find a roommate(or 2) Anybody interested in meeting a crazy newbie "Red Hat VO Lady? Look forward following this group.
    Blessings of the New Year
  • Thanks Doug so much....took the words right out of my mouth for our new friend Tess.

    I hope you got ahold of George....he's your man. Tell him we sent you and he'll take great care of you. Thanks for being a part of our group

    Soon I'm going to have time to come and answer questions here even LOL

    Thanks for your patience everyone....busy times make it hard to keep up to all the blogs etc.

    If you want to join our Mic n Me group on facebook as well....I have pics and more posted from the cruise. Some great video to come (some up there now)
  • The wind whistles through the empty buildings as a lone tumbleweed rolls down the dusty street. The shriek of a protesting hinge can be heard over the wind as the setting sun paints the rustic structures in fading shades of orange and red . . .
  • Thanks so much Doug
    I really appreciate the tips!
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