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  • @ bryan thank you

  • what would be in a great VO cover letter? thanks

  • Hey, what an honor!

    I had the privilege of narrating a newly released 2 CD program called "Jim Reeves: The New Recordings." It’s made it to the Amazon Top 20 Best Seller list!

    It has some great reviews (except for one guy with a bone to pick), and even a couple of nice comments about the narration, although I’m not sure that’s a good thing since as narrators we’re not supposed to stand out.

    Check it out:
  • Judy and everyone else, 

    The more you can beef up your business skills the better you're going to do.  Don't just listen to voice people, not because they're bad, but because there's a wealth of information great business training to be had from successful people in all realms.  You'll do well to lean toward service type industries rather than inventory/product types, but learn learn learn.

    It's part of doing something every day for your career.


  • Hello everyone,

    I haven't checked in for awhile.  Hope all is well with everyone.

    I would like to share a book I'm reading that might be of help/interest to some of you.  It's "Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale".  Sure the book is about sales, but in my opinion that is what we do in voiceover as well (at least to some extent).  There are great nuggets of information in this book that apply to all industries.  His books were recommended to me through voiceover business classes I have taken through VOCareer (which I also highly recommend).

    Have a great weekend everyone,


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  • Edge studio has a generic rate sheet you could use as a baseline.  and there is a great article on the Nethervoice blog by Paul Strikwerda   Hope that helps!

  • Hello, I answered an ad for a Voice over project, and I am still new to the getting paid part of the job, and I got an email back asking what my fees were for :

    What is your rate for radio spots :10, :15, :30, and :60?

    can anyone point my in the right direction where to start, what questions to ask ect... thank you for your help

  • Hey Kyrsten,

    Sorry it's a little late responding, but I have worked in the office at They are a group of knowledgeable folks there and are very willing to assist you. They will also work with you until you are satisfied with whatever you chosen to use them for (such as demos). Ultimately, the goal is to have something you can be proud of and something that shows the best of your offerings (no matter who you chose to work with for your demo). This all from my side of things; I am not a VO Talent, I'm an audio editor. But, I think you will be pleased with their service.


    That's an interesting idea for folks to consider and might not be bad for them do own their own. Thanks for sharing.

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