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  • I'm amazed at how many auditions never get heard! I think it helps prove my theory that a major part of the "jobs" on the P2P sites are not legit, but rather a producer who is submitting his own audition to a potential client, and just needing a voice.

    Or perhaps a client that is fishing in a bunch of ponds at the same time.

    How many times have you seen a listing for an audition on a P2P site, only to get the same request for the audition from 2 or 3 agents?

    Happens a lot.

    I've started keeping a list of what I call dead-end producers - people who don't open auditions (even if you are in the first 25), and essentially just waste my time. It's been an eye-opener!  And it's saved me a bunch of time!

    Yeah, The Donaldson Group, and Ball Corp, and LifeChurchTV, and 5 Star Concepts, and Synaptis, and a bunch of others that I don't have time to list.  I'm talking about you!

  • Have any of you worked with What was your experience like? Just had a consultation (free by the way) that was incredibly helpful. I'm considering doing a demo, but would welcome input. Thanks, guys!

  • Great article Dan. I have seen this same mentality when I have held the dreaded yard sale. I had a box of "free" items that just didn't seem to interest people. The following day I put a price on these items and had no problem getting rid of them. Funny how the mind works! While I certainly don't offer my services for free, maybe raising my prices is something I should consider.

  • It's SUMMERTIME! Time enjoy life, and... raise your prices? 
    My wife found an interesting article about the psychology of (of all things) Farmer's Markets. The first paragraph gave me some insight as to why it might be a good idea to RAISE MY RATES. It might actually make your clients feel better about themselves.

  • HA!  No secrets!  Yes, depending on the client's wishes, I'll use a Neumann U87 or TLM-103 (more clients preferring that one), or the Senn 416.  And I'll run it through a Focusrite Red 7. I also use an old Yamaha M Series board because I like the warmth of it.  And yes, mic presence plays a big part in the overall sound.  I keep the mic at nose level about a foot away.

  • Mr. Hurst,

    My dad wanted me to tell you he liked your blog and to ask if that "warm presence" on your demo was do to how close your using the mic or do you have a really high end mic/pre or some combination.   I told him you won't want to give up your secrets but he said to ask anyway. 



  • Thanks Dan. I've not had it happen before I moved and got a new provider, so I'm not sure why neither link worked.

  • Hi Chris.  That' probably a setting (security) on your computer.  I just checked both of them and they work.  I usually use Foxfire and it does that to me also. Seems to have a mind of it's own.

    But here's another link for the butt-kicking:

    And one for the marketing article on Voice-Over Xtra:

  • Hey Dan,

    I could not get the link to work. I also could not get your last link to work (the one to the article about Marketing).

  • A voiceover butt-kicking:

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