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  • what can ya all tell me about cold calls? do you just call everyone in the book? I have gone to a few business network meetings but with no fruit, thanks for your help.

  • Hey Alexis,
    For editing e-learning, I typically charge $15/hr but that is not for the end-client; thats what I charge folks like yourself who already have a budget for the project. So, that being said, go from there especially if you already have an editor :-)
  • HAHAHAHA!  Oh, you should absolutely quote me.  It's worth at least another 50 grand in work this year alone!

  • :)  There's a reason I don't have my picture up.  Classic face for radio...  Can I quote you on my website though?

  • Hi Alexis! is a good source for that info.  They have their prices listed and it's been my experience that they're pretty much the norm. 

  • Help Please!

    Just got this audition request for e-learning, for a large project they want a rate and I have no idea what to ask for.  They want edited recordings.  Can you guys give me an idea of what rate I should ask for?  I want to be competitive but I am not going to have my dad do a bunch of editing for minimum  wage either. 

    Part of the email is below. 



    We have several voice over projects ranging from e-learning, to commercials, iBooks, and iOS apps that have the need for voice over services. We are a small multimedia group, but we have been producing quality work for over 8 years.

    We have a large e-learning project coming up, and we have the need to fill voice over needs.

    Please include your hourly rate for both voice over services and recording/editing services. This particular project will needs a total of 12-14 hours of total narration, and 50-60 hours of work is estimated total, for both voice over and production costs. 
  • Oh.  Hi Dan.  Nothing.  Just chatting.

  • What?  

  • :-)
  • Chris!

    HA! No sweat. I'm learning to deal with my jealousy of Dan Harder.
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