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  • I've got a new article on Marketing posted on Voice-Over Xtra.  Check it out:   ...and feel free to comment!

    VoiceOverXtra - Marketing - Hone Marketing To Your Strengths - Dan Hurst
    Voice actor Dan Hurst has a good point: If you try to do what others are doing successfully to market their talents, you\'re going to have to sound a…
  • Hi Alexis, there is an article on about Savoa that might help clarify it all.

  • Thanks I will tell my dad. 

  • HA!  Alexis you're a breath of fresh air! 

    Yes, things have changed drastically at SAVOA.  It never had much of an impact on clients anyway. It looked good on paper, but it was mostly hype. 

    I'm hoping we'll see a fresh, new, dynamic association for voice talents emerge.  One that will truly be a benefit for its members. One that's not about sanctioning or accrediting (that's relatively worthless in our industry), but one that helps us grow into better talents and business people.

    I suspect it won't be very long before we see that emerge.

  • Wow that was a stereotype teenage girl run on sentence, sorry. 

  •  I got the impression that something is going on with SAVoa.  My dad was thinking that we should send some sample recordings there to get certified or credentialed or something, but I got the impression something was going with the organization from some comments on line and on EWABS last night and my dad wanted me to ask you guys about it.


  • Hey Dan!  A pile of stuff in this group to check out!  Lots of ideas and insights!  Have at it!  Grab a cup of coffee, a note pad, and start taking notes!!!

  • Hey all,

    I've been out of the loop for awhile trying to keep beans on the table. No I'm ready to give this VO thing another try. Any of you have any marketing suggestions that seem to work for you, something I can use to kick start my voice career as it were?

    Thanks so much, and it's good to be back. :)


  • Hey everybody!  Just wanted to give a shout out for Chris Thomas.  I've started using him for some editing work on my long form narrations.  Outstanding work.  I don't want to recommend him, because I want him to be available to do my stuff, but I have to.  He deserves it!

  • Bill De Wees Voice Over has some ideas on that. 

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