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  • Wow!  Where have I been. (Obviously, not here.)  Thanks for the kudo's Cathi!

    Now for a question.  I've been doing VO now for almost 6 years.  I just went through my projects over that time, and discovered I'm missing a marketing treasure-trove.

    My relatively new website has a decent mechanism to show the logos of some of my clients.  I've "collected" the logos, and now need to get (written) permission to use them on my website and marketing materials.  I realize now that I should have been collecting permissions all along... Live and learn.

    To whom should I go to get that permission? I think probably the person with whom I dealt for the audio contact - at least to get a contact within the company.

    Thoughts? Thanks.

  • Hey Dan, Izzy did an awesome job on your website.  I love that it's clean and straight to the point, in addition to the professional audio quality!

  • Awesome to hear that Alexis!  Yup, that really does work!!!

    When we deliver our product in a way that is memorable to clients in a positive way...good things happen!

  • I wanted to share a marketing experience.

    My dad, 10 year old brother and I are all working voice actors.  My Dad occasionally has us occasionally take pro-bono jobs for charities, student and festival film makers, esp. if its got nice visuals for our reel or it is a stretch for us as actors. 

    Well he just got call from a client he did a free film festival narration for, two years ago. The guy does industrial films now and remembered my dad and asked him if he would be interested in voicing a series of (paid) industrials. 

    So even though he did not get paid for the original gig, he treated it like he was and delivered a professional product and was easy to work with, and that good Karma led to some nice work.  

    Well, thats all.

  • Excellent site Dan.Straight forward,bold, no-un necessary clutter,all the buttons work immediately.Does the job  well.



    Great site, Dan! I need to overhaul mine as well.

  • Thanks for the comment!

    A designer from NY/NJ area did it for me with some custom programming to make demo and video control interactive.  Izzy, from is the guy.

  • Looks good, Dan. I Like how you have incorporated the ubiquitous 'play' button in your logo. One thing I would change, though, is to slow down the speed on the comments. You just barely have time to read it, let alone digest the content, when it changes. But looks good to me overall, no heavy graphics to clutter the site up. Nice and clean, and functional. Did you design it yourself? 

  • Very excited at the launch and response to my new (revised) website. If you have a moment, go to and let me know what you think!

  • Can anyone suggest what a reasonable rate is to record and edit a 10,000 word audio booklet? The only long form projects I have done came through an agent and I did not have to edit. Thanks
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