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  • OK, so I'm you see TV spots that you auditioned for and think "THAT'S THE VO THEY CHOSE????"


  • Gentlemen, thank  you for  your feedback. That makes  it clear for me.
  • I look at it as a tool in the toolbox, not a direct marketing easy fix. Keeping connected without putting advertisement in people's faces. I agree with Dan, it's about building relationships, getting to know people and not selling them something. Advertising is a reminder in many cases. As a point (for those of us that remember these ads), not many people over the years have gone into a True Value store and said "Pat Summerall sent me", but they certainly did shop at True Value.
  • Hi Rhonda!


    This should open up some great discussion!  Thanks for bringing the subject up!


    I've watched and read as much as I can about social media and marketing.  To understand it's usefulness we have to go back to the whole purpose of social media - to interact, relate, communicate, and build or strengthen social bonds.


    To try to make it anymore than that is missing the whole point.  Social media is about building relationships.  That's it.  It's only valuable use for marketing is to take the time to build relationships.  To try to do more with it is a waste of time and energy and an affront to the participants.


    I know, I know, I've seen the comments and the boasts of people who claim to use social media to make thousand$.  Not in VO work! 


    So is there a place for social media in our marketing efforts?  Of course.  We need to be in the business of building relationships and making contacts.  The social media outlets give us another tool for doing just that. 


    Now, having said all that, have I gotten work through any of the social medias?


    Yes.  Yes, I have.  And each time it was because of a connection that had been established and the other person needed a VO, and thought of me. 


    Focus your use of the social medias to build connections and relationships.  That's the way to make it work for you.


    And that takes time!

  • I am interested in knowing if anyone has used facebook to market themselves?
  • Darla-

    The Self promotion is daunting for everyone starting out. It was and at times still is difficult and makes me a tad uncomfortable, but like everything else it gets easier the more you do it.

    One thing you might consider is having others "Blow Your Horn" for you. See if you can't go back to some past clients - happy ones - and have them write or better yet call a voice mail and leave a nice testimonial for you. What others say about you is far more powerful than what you say about yourself.

    One tip that will make them more powerful is putting their name and City and state where they're from at the end of the testimonial. If you can get their picture - even better. It's much more powerful than seeing something like "D.Smith" or "Happy Customer from Iowa."

    There's a science to getting really great testimonials - too much to go into here. If you'd like to learn more, drop me a note at

    Good luck!


  • You go, Darla!!!  Those kind of experiences keep you running for awhile!!!  Kinda like playing a good hole at the end of my normal pathetic round of golf.  It's that one hole that brings me back!


  • I tried making a "cold call" connection today with a publisher.  Got an enthusiastic response and a request to send a sample of my narration work.  WoW!
  • Dan - I still hate the self-marketing aspect.  Granted my July 12th experience wasn't so bad, but...there was a glitch.  As I was handing out the last of my 100 pamphlets, I discovered a glaring typo which necessitated lots of explaining to the last few people who received the pamphlets.  We all got a laugh out of it (tho' I was not laughing on the inside).  The typo made it seem that I had written the novel and narrated it.  The reprints will make it clear that I am not the author of the work.  Lesson learned - Don't do your own proofing, always have someone else proof read!

  • Now, here's a fun marketing idea...

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