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  • Hi all,


    I am on and I have been very happy with them so far. I have really gotten some wonderful opportunities through them and I was thinking about voices123. Anybody do both and if so which do you prefer? Love the plant the seed idea! Its a great followup and a way to turn a negative into a positive.

  • I've been reading some of the posts here and was wondering if anyone uses VO Planet, and what they think?
  • Dan,

    Your "plant the seed" idea is a great way to leverage each client contact for possible future business. I'm going to add it to my template.



  • This post should probably be loaded as a discussion folder, but since we’re talking about this here, I’ll go ahead and post it here.  Sorry about the length.


    There are at least two ways to look at P2P sites – at least at the ones that do generate a lot of requests for auditions.


    First of all, some people see such sites as a job source.  Sort of an agent substitute.  And frankly, with the way some agents these days don’t work that many exclusive leads, and  just simply take leads off of voicebank and farm them out, P2P sites are actually a better deal.  At least you’re dealing with the person that made the request for the auditions.


    Which leads me to the second way to look at a P2P site: a lead source.  This is the approach that can really make P2P sites work for you.  There are very few P2P jobs that I audition for that I’m just positive I’m going to get.  But I never, never audition for a job without planning to make a mark for future business.  In fact, in the accompanying note that I write to the client, I ask them if there are any other jobs they have coming up that I might be a good fit for.  I want to plant that seed and grow that crop.


    Does that approach work?  YES!  I haven’t done the numbers on it, but I can guarantee you that I have at least as much work, if not more from those clients for jobs they never post, as I do for clients that award me jobs that they post on P2P sites.  And as I’ve mentioned before, those  jobs that I land from P2P sites account for about 10% of my income.  So at least double that (and it's probably more than double) to account for jobs that come from connecting with those P2P clients.


    A case in point:  just today a client from Germany that I auditioned for a few months ago on Bodalgo (that I didn't get), contacted me directly and gave me a very nice job. 


    So, if you’re in this for the long haul, let me recommend that you get some mileage out of your investment in the P2P sites you go with.  Connect with those clients for the future.  Many…most of them, are smaller companies, but smaller companies grow!  And if you connect with them now, that will pay off immensely in the long run!
  • Another long term client that I got from a P2P just called today with another job. Jobs are stacked deep. Will you ever catch me putting down a P2P? Not likely.
  • Voice123 has been very good to me over the past 3 years, but don't look at any P2P site as the be-all and end-all of your marketing efforts. Look at them as VO dating services and you're looking for a long term relationship from each client you meet.

    With jobs received **just today** from V123 I've more than made back what I invested to be on the site (and the site subscription is tax deductible).

    When I get a job from any P2P site, I'm sure to make that client my friend and to be memorable (in a good way). With very little else for the past several years besides V123 I'm earning enough to quit my "day job".

    Others have been quite successful with other P2P sites and if you're serious about VO they won't be your only avenue, but I believe every VO person (except maybe Cip or Beau) should have at least one P2P site in his/her pocket.
  • Hi Jim, go with voice123 instead, you have to pay the premium of $295. I think it is. But I made back the money with in the first month, or two. Last year I made good money with them. I am also a Swedish voiceover artist, so that might help. But I heard from American establish Voice Artist as well and they say it is the number one. I am very happy.
  • Welcome Stan!

    I do not like any pay to play sites.  I have a free listing with Bondalgo, as soon as I entered all of my info for my free profile, I immediately got emails saying that there were matches to my profile, but to audition for them you have to be a premium member.  I do not feel they are worth my time, or money.

  • Bodalgo, I just terminated my subscription with them. Went month to month for six months. Got one gig in that time. It did not work out well. You will only get to audition what fits your profile. They have over 4000 members. You will find it a tough place to compete. My experience and observation over this past year has been this... It makes no difference how good a talent you are if you can't get someone to buy. You will find a lot of voice seekers out there with champagne in one hand and a dollar bill in the other. The P2P sites do not offer a shortcut. The most you can hope for is to break even.
  • Personally, I don't have a listing with them. I was trying to set up an account a while back, had some trouble getting it approved, a friend sent an email quietly questioning it and got a rather insulting email back about me, so I list elsewhere. I've heard good things about them from others, I just had a not so nice experience with the site.
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