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  • I like the ones that say "looking for a James Earl Jones sounding talent for a low budget project" or "narrator that sounds like Morgan Freeman to do an easy job". 

    Alexis, $11 a WORD isn't bad!


  • Alexis...don't waste your time. Sounds like someone doing an online show.   "This is fun, there is no budget..." is NOT fun.  In fact, it's abusive. 

    You are WAY better than that!!!  Don't even cheapen yourself by auditioning for that.  If you're going to audition, at least audition for something that has possibilities!!!

  • I have been getting a lot of these kinds of auditions lately, its really frustrating.   

    Voice Talent Voice Over VoiceOver MUST sound like Kelly Doherty and have the equipment to mix the short ID's together. Bid on one page of ID's for a show. This is fun, there is no budget, so bid super low. Do not bid without the demo attached. Ongoing (with additional payments of course) if you are THE BEST  Fixed-Price- Est. Budget: $11.00

  • Great read, David.
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  • I'll have to work sometning lik that up for swimmers.  The nice thing about this little thing is that one never knows who[w in attendance and therefore might "discover" me.  I do know there is one parent from the university's atheletic pr dept who has a kid swimming on our team.  This might turn out to be very profitable in the end.
  • Kevin Jack!


    HA!!!  You gotta at least put a "On yer mark...get set...GO!" on your demo!!!


    I was the stadium announcer for the Kansas City Royals for 13 years.  On my demo I snuck in a "Now batting...George Brett!"  I got more comments on it than I did anything else!!!

  • I've been really quite for a long time now.  To busy trying to hustle a buck or two.  Just had a great weekend and who knows where it will lead:


    My daughter had a swim meet this weekend.  She did AWESOME.  Earlier in the week I got yelled at for volunteering for stuff as a parent of a swimmer on the team (we are a private swim team and parent involvement is MANDATORY).  I was told that since a few people now know that I do voice over that I was "VOLUNTEERED" to be Meet Announcer.  Not only did my daughter do AWESOME so did I.  I am now the official Voice of the Crimson Tide Aquatics Swim Club.  ALL officials, ALL parents, ALL coaches voted me the best swim meet announcer they ever heard.  GOOOOO MMEEEEE!!!!!!



    It was an absolutely terrific week end for one and all.  My vocal cords are now going nite nite, they are tired and exhausted.  I don't even want to see an audition for a day or two now.  I hoarse.  Bon soir all.

  • I got that exact same email from the client for that job on a board. There is something up there. I know the person who took the job as well but haven't had a chance to talk with him about it, as the price is below his normal price. Sort of funny because I had talked to him about a different job on a different board and he had mentioned that he turned down the job because $50 was too low. I'll have to do some investigating, but I suspect the job may not actually exist...
  • Hello everyone,

    I wanted to share with you a fun marketing/networking event.  I just attended an "Ignite" event in Cheyenne, WY.  Although I did not present anything, I found it to be a super evening of networking, getting to know different people and just plain fun.  The people that presented, spoke on everything from the work they've done in Haiti to a bike ride in Alaska to why one should try vinegar and baking soda for household cleaning.  It was a fast-paced, keep-your-attention type of an event, and not to mention a good place to introduce oneself and hand out business cards. 

    Perhaps all of you already knew about "Ignite" events as they are held around the country.  This is first that I had heard of them.  I certainly plan to attend more and perhaps do a presentation myself.

    Here is the link, check it out if you have the chance.




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