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  • Thanks Dan! I actually had a guy pay me half because after not paying me for 6 months, he couldn't "bill" his client at "this late date". This is after I sent reminders to him every month. He showed up a couple of months later wanting me to do an "emergency" vo for him. I declined, but maybe I should have recorded every other word!
  • Very funny Dan, thanks for sharing it with us.



  • Great video link Dan.  I loved it!
  • Hilarious!  Thanks, Dan!


  • Alexis and all,
    Check out for a humorous and all-too-real look at the cheap-skate people in the world.
  • Thanks to those who responded, I was kind of shocked and insulted and wanted to share it with someone who understands.  I turned them down, my dad insisted it was politely.  So I just wrote kind of what Dan said, but as Al suggested I won't have anything to do with them if they contact me again.   


    Take Care Alexis 


  • I have so had it with these p2p sites and will not be renewing. I guess you should respectfully decline, even though he doesn't deserve any respect. I had quite the opposite experience recently. I did a custom demo. The guy replied that he liked my voice so much he was afraid he couldn't afford me. Never had that before. We agreed on a price and I was paid a fair price for the job., and promptly too. Sorry you've had this bad experience.
  • My instinct tells me there is something going on here. Whoever this is, has an ulterior motive. Ask yourself who wants to insult you and why. I vote no response and wait and see if I'm right . This is not a real job and smells like a problem. If you ignore him and he comes back in some other form he's a problem. A love sick obsessed fan maybe.
  • Alexis,

    One of the things I appreciate about you is that you are smart enough to realize when someone is yanking your chain!

    Frankly, your potential client doesn't believe his project is worth much.  If he doesn't believe in it, why should you? 

    And then to offer you 50% downpayment on $50???  C'mon!!!

    I'd would just respond and say "Thanks for considering me but I feel my rate is appropriate for the caliber of this job.  Thanks for taking the time to review my bid."

    Go get 'em!!!

  • Alexis. If you take them at there word they want to give you the job but are strugling with your well deserved fee. You have options. Nice hu? You could give them a bit more for the 100 by adding something to it. Maybe record there on hold message for there phone system. Option 2 is you could drop your price for something valuable in trade like a good review you can post on your website. Then there is #3. You could negotiate the price. Offer 85.00 for example as your best price. #4 is stick to your price and nicely let them know you hope they will still consider you. Be creative. You may come up with more ways to make it a win win deal. What ever you do. Do it like a pro. A bad rep can travel fast. Oh and forgive my spelling. My spell checker is not working right. Good luck.
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