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  • Can someone advise me on this? I don't even know how to respond to this.

    I have read here and other places about how we have to know our value and stuff..

    so I bid for a lousy job that is only a 100.00 on a p2p site and this is what I get back.  .  




    Getting back to you on this voice talent job. 
I've interviewed approx 19 candidates in a short space of time and as you can imagine, there are others willing to do this for much less than the budgeted $100. 
Please would you reconsider your price and let me know what the lowest is you could go $? 
Would pay 50% upfront if you can be around the $50 range or so. 
Plz advise. I love your voice, sounds great. it's just what I need on my video. 


    What the heck?  I am for sure not taking it but what do I say?




  • Dan you make a good point.   Canvasing  prospects and potential clients and letting them know who you are and how to reach you may not pay off immediately.   Hanging in there, keeping our chins up and continually plugging away will - eventually!
  • Hey Everyone!


    Just a little note to encourage you to hang in there!


    I got this email earlier this week:


    "Dan – you had sent me an email a long time ago and I just stumbled upon it again recently.

    Below is a voiceover script..."


    I checked my records on this.  It took me awhile because I don't do mailing lists, but I had sent this new client an email over a year ago. 


    Yesterday I did what I hope will be the first of many sessions with them.


    Hang in there...keep plugging away.  Just remember, in the same way you're looking for unique clients...clients are looking for unique voice talents.  Could that be you?

  • Hi Leon!  Welcome aboard!
  • HiYa Leon!  Welcome aboard!


    Make yourself comfortable and jump in!  Most everyone here has had their shots.

  • Welcome Leon!
  • new to the group. hello everybody
  • New phone for voice actors on the run:


  • Thanks so much for the advice, Dan.  There is so much information out there about well...everything.  It helps to have a forum such as this to get peoples' suggestions and help.  Your idea of "sweetening" the pot is an excellent one. My "wheels are turning."





  • Judy!


    Congratulations!  What a great creative way to develop your work!


    I don't know that my way is the best way, but I would charge your normal non-broadcast VO rate for the project PLUS some studio time to add music and SFX (standard royalty free music seems to average around $75 per piece).  And as an option you can sweeten the pot by offering to provide a monthly IVR session or webcast for the sponsor at 50% rate. 


    The main thing to remember is that EVERYTHING you do for a client is worth something!

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