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  • Hello, 


    I'm working on "thinking outside of the box" for voice acting.  I am working with another local in my area who provides me the information, I rewrite the copy as needed, record it and add music and sound effects.  A website has interest in "buying" the audio from me.  The plan is to update the audio weekly (an informative home and garden series.)  The tentative plan is that the website will find a sponsor to support the show.  The question is...what do I charge?  Do I go by my current hourly rate (different for voicing, writing and producing) per produced show?  Or, because it is not like a spot that would be played a certain number of times on the radio or TV, but rather be played when someone "clicks" on it, should the rate be different?


    Thanks for everyone's help!



  • Nothing to do with Voice Overs, but I thought I'd share this video I shot of what I'm calling "Shovel-Fest 2011" Enjoy the video Click here:



  • Happy New Year, Dan.  A little late, but better late than never!!  LOL  Let's roll on to a prosperous new year!!
  • Happy New Year

    I don't know about you but I don't look back much...I try to look forward and see what might be ahead. What opportunities are out there that I haven't seen yet? Will I be ready when they present themselves?

    One way I do that is to remind myself of my 3-legged stool. John Florian was generous enough to post one of my blogs on that subject and I invite you to not only read it but to keep it in mind through out 2011 as you grow your business.

    Two other suggestions for you to consider this New Year: 1) check out Bob Souer's blog roll at He has, I believe, the most comprehensive collection of blogs out there and so I would encourage you to find a few that speak to you, from that list, and to subscribe to them. We should never ever quit learning, so why not try and learn from peers who we trust and respect? Oh yes, and 2) a truly selfish plug, I mean invitation, for you to subscribe to my blog at

    I feel a great excitement and anticipation about 2011 not only from my VO business (that I have been so blessed by) but also by my new full service advertising agency that I'm just getting ready to launch. It's the first time I've ever started a business because I wanted to not because I had too (for financial reasons) so it promises to be something special. You can check out my website at

    I wish you every success this year and on in to the future.

    with gratitude,


  • PayPal... is it still safe?
            Beware... your hard earned money may get "locked in" for many months. 
    On dec 10 PayPal suspected  I was "someone else" trying to access my account and "limited my access". I can't get any of my money nor cancel my account, That meant no vacations and no Christmas presents. 
           After fulfilling all initial requirements my account is still frozen. All I get is "Cut and Paste" answers. I have found online many similar cases. People have had to wait for up to six or more months to get their money back. 
             My suspicious activity consisted in trying to buy $25 worth of Skype credit and paying a colleague for a voiceover job, while abroad in Chile, attending a Congress.
             As I read on Bloomberg Newsweek's website, through procedures like the one described PayPal extorts private info from subscribers.;jsessionid=wC...!-317503869?action=all&style=wide&productId=19032&productCode=spec,,  Slashdot.
              According to rumors, PayPal's massive freezing of assets might well be a way of solving cash flow problems due to losses in bad investments.
              My advise... it's better to play it safe and just keep in your PayPal account whatever money you may afford to lose. I reconfirmed my bank account, Credit Card and address. I changed my security questions and Password as requested... but still can't get access to my money.
              Let's hope this PayPal business won't be the next economic disaster, surpassing that of theMaddoff's scheme.
               In the mean time... we freelancers have to start thinking about alternative means to receive payments safely: Google Checkout? Craiglist?
               According to THE CONSUMERIST, PayPal is also holding back 20% of the merchant's money:
  • Here's 2min of sweet music from my friend Allan Blackwell he sang all 65 tracks individually with no copy and paste WOW
  • Re your Oct 24 post: Priceless. Made me smile. STILL am!
  • i'm just a novice in the industry, does anyone have any tips on the best way to get jobs in chicago?
  • Well, the group's name is "Marketing for fun and profit", and while this article isn't immediately about the latter, I hope you'll appreciate the fun in it, and agree that many of the points, if applied to our approach to vo will lead to the "profit". Enjoy:,
  • Hey! Congrats to our own CJ Bane for a great PSA!!!! Check it out:

    Nice job, CJ!!!
    Knowledge is Power in the War Against AIDS
    (Vocus) December 1, 2010 On World AIDS Day 2010 Support and Celebrate Groups who have made a Difference. Today, December 1st, is World AIDS Da…
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