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  • Ah..Ken & Paul, you understand. Thanks!
  • LOL, I'm 30 miles from Ft. Bragg so I feel your pain. day missions, night missions, Soldiers coming and going, etc. My studio isn't sound proofed, I'm in a rental and can't do that amount of work here.
  • Darla, may I quote a line from Hitchcock's 'North by Northwest' about your recording session?

    "This is so horribly sad, but why is it I feel like laughing?"
  • Thanks for the advice, Ken. Now, if I could just get the choppers from the NATO base to stop flying night patrols, I'd be all set. Usually, my best time to record is between 1 and 4 AM, but the choppers flew patrol this morning between 1 and 3 AM. After they stopped, I was able to record for about 20 minutes...then a huge thunder storm rolled in. It was not my night! I will try again tonight.
  • Darla, depending on your level of tinkering ability, you can also get a grounding adapter. It removes the ground from the wiring. I'm not saying run the equipment without a ground, but if you plug the adapter between the power strip and the wall and the noise disappears, then it's time to start checking wiring (or just use the adapter to remove the ground and be careful during storms).I just posted a few pics on my profile of my home studio that cost me about $30 to assemble. That doesn't include equipment, just the booth itself. There are still things for me to tweak, room for improvement, and it involved a lot of luck during the shopping process, but it can be done cheaply. The pics are a bit shakey, the camera doesn't always correct for movement so I'll see if I can clearer pics, but for now they are what I have.
  • Great! I know my dad is always tweeking things, it takes time patience.

  • Alexis, thanks for the advice. I am following up on it. Things have improved with my studio. I discovered that part of the noise problem was the refridgerator and the timer on the stove. Both items hum and that noise is picked up even though my studio is upstairs away from the kitchen. When I turn off these appliances, the noise level drops. Getting some good recordings, now. Oh, and I bought a new laptop so the fan noise from my desktop pc is gone.
  • Excellent interview with John Garry, Andy. He certainly is an extremely talented VO Actor in Promos and Trailers. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Great advice from John Garry to "find your guy" and market your niche... John Garry is by far one of the most recognized trailer voices on the big screen, and in this audio piece he takes a break from the *beep, beep, beep * of network promos and movies trailers to give a candid interview. Listen here on VU, and read the transcript on my blog...
    Audio Interview: John Garry (movie trailer voice) By: Andy Boyns
    Interview by Andy Boyns Andy Boyns is pictured with John Garry at VOICE 2010 John Garry is by far one of the most recognized trailer voices on the…
  • Ms. Middlebrook, I bet if you wrote a detailed e mail about what your tec. issues are to George W. Or Mr. Nickell they could tell you just what to do.

    Then if its still not coming together go to the pro audio dept. of a big music instrument store. Talk to them and when you find a person who has had experience with studio set up, arrange them to come over.

    They don't pay very much at those places so they are happy for extra work and wont' charge you too much.

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