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  • I think the background color is a matter of taste myself. I just happen to like black backgrounds. I'm sure someone out there has something to say about a grey background, or red, or yellow, or green. I just want to make sure it has all the necessary elements to be a functioning, well put together VO website. I still appreaciate the feedback though, thanks guys. :)
    Dan Bailey
  • Right on David & Paul. I agree. The background on my site is grey, which is a little more friendly (IMHO).
  • Dan, your web site layout, graphics, buttons, videos all look great, but I neve liked black backgrounds. It makes a site look like one of those gothic comic book sites. Ask others, but I think it should be a lighter color. Ask around.
  • Thenks, everyone. Good point David, I'll make that change.
    Dan Bailey
  • Well done Dan! I have a small comment. One of the navigation buttons says 'about us'. I think it would be better to have 'about Dan' instead as there doesn't seem to be anyone else involved.
  • I agree with everyone's comments below Dan, it looks good. Simple and easy to navigate.
  • Nice website Dan. Professional, simple, to the point.
  • NIce work Dan.
  • Hey Dan,
    I think your site looks great.
  • Your website looks great Dan. Very professional. I'm working on mine too but it's nowhere near where yours is yet. Good job!
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