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  • My own personal experience with Pay2Play sites for #voiceover is now up on my blog @

    with gratitude,
  • Darla your site is simply soothing. Not cluttered, very easy on the eye; thats a good thing. Cheers!
  • albc, Your site is beautiful, and and fun to explore. I heard that your demos should be on the front page so as to be quickly and easily accessed. Is this not necessarly true?
    I see we are pretty close to each other. I figured the closest vo artist to me was in LA.
    Dan Bailey
  • AHHHhhhhhh! State Budget Time!!!!!!!!!

    Guess that means more taxes around the corner!!!!!!!

  • Dan, it's state budget time. :)
  • Wow, the Lottery business is rocking!!! Do they all do their creative at the same time???

    Seems like every state lottery is putting a new campaign together!!!
  • Hi Darla, I like the shinny gold letters on burnt orange back ground. Soothing. That standard font is fine.
  • Color is a personal choice. So is font. I, finally, have my site up (at: Most comments indicate a liking for my color scheme, but at least one person doesn't like the font. I welcome opinions from the members of this forum.
  • Dan , I see we are neighbors. It tells the visitor all they need to know to hire you. After all that is the very simple point of all of this. I have seen yours, now take a look at mine. My new site just launched on July 1st. and many of you helped me tweak it, to make it better. It is never done, not really.
    Good luck with it, Dan.
  • The colors within a website is a personal thing. I have a black background too as I want to keep it simple and professional looking as possible. At the end of the day Dan you have to be happy with it.

    Good luck with it.


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