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  • I have my agent hire the non-famous voice actors for my full cast audios, as well as the famous star actors. Most I trusted by his judgement for their voices. I talked to a couple of them on the phone as their parts were larger. I never saw their faces until they arrived at the studio. And very pleased with all.

    However, if I was casting via a web site and didn't see the photo of the person, it would give me pause. Make me think that the site is 'incomplete' with no photo. It might make me skip over it without checking the voice demo. A photo does 'humanize the person' as Patrick's client said.
  • Please check out my "how to" post on building a portable studio for doing VO work on the road @

    With gratitude,
    David Brower
  • It really depends on who you talk to with regards to putting your picture on your site. Many are split on it. Some fear being stereotyped because of their age etc....and want the decision of hiring based upon their voice and the talent they bring to the table. I know some talent that voice wonderful kids or teen voices and are mature adults.

    Some VO talent do have their pictures on their web site for various reasons. Its a personal thing. Some do On-Camera work or are involved in other facets of this business or another. I asked one of my clients what she preferred, picture or no picture and she suggested a picture because she says it "humanizes the person, it puts a face to a name". Did I listen to her? No, I want the focus on my voice, not on how I look. Again, just my personal opinion. Ask yourself what you hope to gain by doing it. Just my 2 cents!
  • Your photo brings 3-D to the 2-D world of the voice behind the curtain. Some people just don't need it to succeed. I did not know what Don LaFontaine looked like until I saw him in the Geico spots. Your call.
  • This is a great group, very enlightening! Here's a question-as voice over artists, is it a good idea or not to have a headshot or pic on our website? Some, like Bob Bergen and Beau Weaver do, while others, like Roberta Solomon, don't, so I guess a lot of this is dealer's choice, but is there any guiding philosophy to that aspect of website construction?
  • Great site, thanks for the heads up Dan!!!
  • Anybody else been finding it a little goofy lately? Some days are 10 to 12 hour days and other days maybe a couple of hours of work.

    It's weird how it all seems to pile up at the same time!

    Little by little there seems to be more work coming over from Europe. It seems that a few more companies from South America are reaching out to American English. For some reason, a number of government agencies are also doing some projects right now that require voice work. Mostly language work, I think. And I've noticed a number of companies redoing their IVR. I guess that's all a good sign.

    Typically things slow down about this time of the year for a few weeks, so don't panic if the phone's not ringing. There's still work out there, but expect some down time. It's a good time for a vacation!

    How are you gearing up your marketing strategy for the end of summer? That's a good time to launch a push as clients start producing for the last quarter.

    I'll be launching a new website this summer. So that will be supported with some press releases and email blasts. And I'm actually going to experiment with some print ads in some key publications. I'll let you know how that goes.

    What are you up to?
  • Dan, check-out for web design. They work with you to find a "brand image". I had them do two sites; for commercial/corporate narration and for audiobook/documentary. Good luck!
  • Thanks Darla and good luck with setting up your site. Let me know when it is up.

  • Pat,
    Your site looks very, very sharp and classy. I will work on getting mine up by the end of June.
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