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  • A great little article by one of our voice talents in Cairo, Mahmoud Taji on the basics of being in business for yourself:

    Nice job, Mahmoud!!!
    Tips For Becoming Self-Employed & Staying That Way
    I've always been one to set goals for myself. When I was younger it was all about becoming a musician my list kind of looked like this: find a good…
  • My dad has done a few Odesk jobs, some of the clients have taken a while to pay but he always got his money.
  • Am I just not "getting it"; another strange experience with one of the "low-ball" freelance sites (this time oDesk). A buyer has an 8-10 minute presentation (he posted the script for review), not terribly difficult, simple english. My bid was $175 with 100% downpayment; as I explained "I've never, ever not delivered but, I've been stiffed once too many." He came back with 50% down and balance with delivery of final file. But, stated that my bid was $194 could I please revise it to $175. I checked oDesk policy. As I thought; they don't charge the provider but, require the buyer to pay a 10% premium. So, the guy is "fretting $19 and asking me to accept 50% down. You think I'll be doing the job for $87.50?
  • David, Don't think you're a fraud, life doesn't have to fit in the box. Sounds to me like you are successful. Does it matter how you do the job, as long as it's what they want? I say GOOD FOR YOU! Some of us get stuck in the sand, training ourselves instead of just jumping off the high board with a little faith. It's encouraging to hear it doesn't have to be so hard.
  • What if you could give something back to the WORLD and it's not charity?

    Check out my blog

    With gratitude,
  • How true this is Dan! According to a survey put out some time ago by our dear friend Philip Banks, I am now in the top 1% of voice over earners and making a very good living from it......and yet, having only taken it seriously about 4 years ago I still think of myself as a beginner. I used to be a financial director of a number of small companies until I sold up. Now I am a voice over, studio engineer, marketeer.....and the only thing left from my old life is to run my accounts efficiently. I have never had voice coaching or a recording training session. I don't want to mess with what people seems to like....but every day, it is always learn, learn and LEARN SOME MORE! So Dan, your posting struck a chord. The voice is ok...but I can never learn enough about mic technique and placing or recording disciplines. I shake my head in disbelief at how I get away with it! My clients think I am some kind of guru....I think I am a fraud.
  • I agree as well. I just seems that the learning process can be agonizingly frustrating sometimes.
  • I agree, we are never too old to learn something new. Life would be pretty boring if we knew it all!
  • Good Stuff Dan, we are all students until we graciously leave this world. Never stop learning and always listen with both ears!
  • That was exhilarating, Dan. Thanks!
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