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  • James, great website. Nice and simple, easy on the eyes and to navigate. Great Flat Screen spots in your demos. You have lots of talent. Continued VO success.
  • ummm...ok Dan....are there any more rules? Cetain color perhaps? lol
  • IT’S OFFICIAL! Hawaiian Shirts MUST be worn by VO Talent starting May 1st. Spread the word!
  • James - good use of animation to set the focus on what you do best. Are the characters for your categories the characters you have played? If that is true that would be an even stronger tie to past work. Good luck.
  • Thanks for your nice comments!
  • I think your web site is great and you have a really great demo. Yours makes ours look kind of boring, maybe we should re think it.
    Alexis Avenue Voices
    Alexis Avenue Voices voiceover site
  • Comment by Darla Middlebrook just now Delete Comment James...just came from viewing your website. It's cute. Mine isn't up yet and I think it will be booorrring when it is. After viewing yours and some others, I know that I will need to make mega changes before embarassing myself. Oh well, that's one of the reasons why I joined this forum. I have A LOT to learn about everything involved in voice-over work from everyone at VU.
  • Hey guys I just activated my new website! I was wondering if you could take a look at it and let me know what you I missing any categories? It is a very basic and simple web page, I love animation and cartoons so that was the direction that I took.

    Thanks everyone!
  • i had to make some changes to my contact info because of a problem with my e-mail address (it was stolen...long story...won't go into it here). i forgot to make the changes on VU and just realized that! wondered why i wasn't hearing from the's been lonely, but now i'm bbaaaccckk
  • won't work as a link after I've entered it.

    Try this
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