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  • Thank you both
  • Edited or unedited? This is important as editing this amount of VO can take hours. Voice talent can charge anywhere from $75 to $250 and hour depending on the specs. Possibly as low as $50 hr for volume work, but no lower.
  • I would go for scale on this one if it were me. If not then somewhere in the 3 to 400. per hour range. Legal will have to be correct and pass scrutiny by other legal types. The client will no doubt want retakes, guaranteed. Worth every cent.
  • My dad got an email wanting to know how much his hourly rate is for 16 hours of legal narration. Anyone have an idea on what rate would be reasonable for that?

  • Thank you Ms. Basanyl, I for one do appreciate you taking the time and effort to present your point of VU. I have the experience and do not consider myself a newbie. However, as I re enter the wide world of entertainment after a hiatus of sorts, I do want to define better where I should be marketing my services. People like you are a tremendous help in that quest for formative insight.
  • Yeah it's not only similar to InternetJock, but a total rip-off of the site. (But to be clear, it's technically not a P2P since the "jocks" don't pay to be listed, the site makes the money off of their ridiculous commission.) Even the demos page is laid out the exact same way. I got 2 invites also and unsubscribed politely. I must admit that I was with InternetJock about 4 years ago when they first started....the volume was good and I was making $1k plus from them every month for awhile in a time when I really needed it. I stayed with them for awhile longer than I should have out of loyalty, as the paychecks started to decline because of them adding more and more talent, (I imagine the economy had something do it with that) so did my patience for dealing with management of the site and the low quality of work that came with it (long copy, typos they wanted revised for free, etc.).

    I think it's good for people just getting started....but as pros we should stay away. But hey, to each his own.

    If I found out that a newbie was charging the same as me, I would probably be a bit miffed. I've increased my rates as I've gotten better....which is how it should be. When I first got started I did stuff for super low rates, most do when they start out in the I've heard from talking to other pros who started out the same way. I think this is the way it should pay for quality and experience. If both the newbs and pros charged the same thing, clients wouldn't appreciate the difference. You pay more, you get more. That's the way the world works in general. Not always, but most of the time. I think as pros we sometimes forget that we started out as newbs once.....and there are people that are in the same place now, that I was ten years ago. I can't blame them for starting out 10 years after I did......they have the same long but rewarding road ahead if they stick with it and eventually increase their rates as they get better.

    With the economy the way it is, these sites will keep popping up and talent will continue work for the low rates. There's always someone out there that needs the money. If I was starving, I can't say I wouldn't try signing up....but I'm not even close to that point right now.

    That said.....I have work to do! Talk to you guys soon....
  • And as they say, you truly get what you pay for. I'm in the running for a high paying gig for a cartoon character for a tv spot. Even if I don't get the part, I'd rather be shortlisted for something big, than be guaranteed bread crumbs
  • The site doesn't shock me, definitely disappointing though, and unfortunatley there will be individuals willing to work for those obscene rates. I have passed on several recent opportunities due to insulting offers like that site's. In my opinion knowledgable clients respect your craft and what it takes to deliver for them!
  • Its just hard for me to believe that there are enough people out there willing to work for 50% commission. Not to mention, as David did, possibly doing regional or even National work for $27.50. But, supply and demand will prevail, and if there are enough people willing to work for those wages, well, there you go. Even as a sideline or part time, seems to me the time spent auditioning and marketing, editing, billing, ect, makes it hardly worth the time, to me anyway. But, as Dan said, if it works for you, great.
  • Oh Joy! They just sent me a second invitation. Nothing's doesn't look any better a deal.
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