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  • Thanks for the heads up I was just about to post a query about these guys as I've had two emails in the last day from voicejockey trying to sign me up. Once I had a look at the terms and conditions, not only did the 50% commission shock me, there's also a section about talent doing 'free liners' and free productions' from time to time to promote the company. Yikes! I agree to steer clear of these guys unless your an amateur dying to getting your feet wet ( and ripped off!)
  • I too had the very kind invitation from voicejockeys this morning! I had the same reaction as you Dan regarding all your points. I used to be with who run the same sort of shop with similar pricing and they took 30%. I am afraid I could not see eye to eye with them and we soon parted company.

    The reality of this type of site is that you could record a 30' TV spot and the ultimate client is free to broadcast this locally, regionally, nationally or internationally for as long as they want for $27.50. There is no negotiation. It is all in a computerised system and you hardly ever get to talk to the client.

    I would recommend for you all to steer well clear.
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  • Yeah, and I really should point out that some folks are fine with that set-up. Hey, if it works for you, and you're happy with it, go for it. There are some very nice voices already signed up with them. More power to them.

    You're basically going to work for $27.50 for a :30 or around $50 for a :60.
  • Hey Dan, thanks for the heads up about I checked out the website and in my opinion it's a voiceover sweat shop. Unbelieveable.
  • Hey Everybody,

    Just a heads up about another Pay-To-Play site that's jumped into the fray:

    I don't know these people. I've never done business with them...and probably never will, and here's why:

    1. The name alone is step back. Clients today do NOT want "jockeys". In fact, try counting how many instructions you've seen lately from clients emphasizing that!

    2. The rate structure is abusive in my opinion. This is taken right from their website: takes a 50% commission on all orders and reserves the right to cancel any account at anytime to anyone who does not follow's rules. "

    3. The time demand is hallucinatory:

    " To be a Jock you must be able to work from your home or office studio, be able to turn around projects in as fast as 2 hours from the time ordered and be a professional."

    See, if you have another full-time job besides voiceovers, this is really unrealistic. And if you are full-time voiceovers, 50% commission is outrageously unrealistic.

    Not telling you what to do, but watch out for this one.
  • Hello Dan, Thank you for the invitation. It is never too late... :) I will add a French Canadian (Quebec) accent to your group. lol Cordially,
  • Gracias por la invitación Dan... estoy siempre a las ordenes
  • Pepe!

    Un placer conocerle! Bienvenido!

  • Saludos a todos... soy VO Español,
  • Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Please welcome the Prodigal Voice Talent: Lance DeBock!
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