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  • Hey Pearl!

    Thanks for the info. Where can that Podcast be caught?
  • Hi guys,

    I haven't visited this page for a while but I want to give you some information that will definitely help with your marketing and networking efforts in the future. I have mentioned in the past that I am a member of BNI (Business Network International). I attend a mandatory chapter meeting every week in my town of League City, TX. It's an organization that concentrates on helping you build your business from word of mouth marketing and warm referrals. I actually didn't really think it would work for me but decided to try it anyway. It's been one of the best things I could have ever done for my business. Not only are referrals being handed out to chapter members every week, but we receive training on how to successfully network too.
    One thing that BNI offers is a weekly podcast, voiced by Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI. He always has gems of positive information and advice and it's all free. You would pay a lot of money for that information elsewhere.
    Simply go to and listen to this week's 10 minute podcast, entitled "Use Your Head To Get Your Foot In The Door". Previous weekly broadcasts are also available. If you like what your hear, you can subscribe to receive an email each week to remind you to listen to the latest recording.
    Enjoy and happy networking!!!
  • Good call Dan. If one is not having much success, time to evaluate the skill-set and look into voice coaching, private or group. Just be cautious of whom you train with. There are great coaches and some not so great ones. I've been lucky with my network of trusted professionals and have always had excellent coaching and workshops.
  • Throwing seeds over the fence - that's how I look at it. Don't peek over the fence once the audition is done. If the farmer on the other side wants you they'll get in touch. It sure is satisfying to see the numeric ranking on v123, but I've learned to not put too much stock in anything but a return e-mail.

    What I do use the ranking for is to make sure I'm on course while auditioning for a genre for which I have a small amount of experience. If my ranking is high, I'll consider practicing more to sharpen my skills.

    For those who are just getting their feet wet in VO it may also be an indicator of their skill level. If a talent is consistently getting "low marks" perhaps it's time for more training or to try a different avenue.
  • I agree Mike, we must learn to simply do our best possible job, send it out and let it go, and get on to the next project. I try to ignore any stats unless I actually get the job.
  • My feeling is that being ranked #1 in an audition along with 29 other respondents who are ranked #1 is a little like getting a credit card offer where I am "pre-approved". Hell, EVERYONE'S pre-approved! The scoring system doesn't mean a thing.
  • Congratulations Brent and Mike!!!
  • I just received a private audition, passed that, and got a third audition due to my 'free' profile on voices. I'm not holding my breath, but this is the best response I have had since cutting my paid membership. As a paid member I got zilch. So even free memberships can pay off
  • Just this morning I checked my audition outbox on a P2P site and saw I was a FINALIST for a gig. Ranked #1 out of 31!! Then I noticed that of the 31 who had auditioned 30 people had the same rating as I had. Folks, I didn't just fall of the radish truck, I always thought the ranking system used by this site was flakey, now I am sure it's as full of holes as swiss cheese.

    What do I think of my REAL chances are of getting this gig? Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.
  • Thank you for the invite! Happy to be among my fellow communicators!
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