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  • @Al: Yes, it sticks out like a sore thumb when a client posts the same gig on two different sites (which means, all auditions from one of the sites are wasted time/energy, ARRGH!)

    It's a rare occurrence from my vantage point, so multiple P2P memberships seems to be worthwhile. ROI should be determined for each site individually, not collectively!

    Hope this helps!

  • Hey Steve!

    Welcome to the Universe! I cut my demos with Such A Voice almost exactly a year ago and was very impressed with them as a resource. The company may not be the best fit for everyone, but they were the perfect fit for my needs when I was ready to launch last year. You've already established yourself with public speaking and voiceover coaching, so you may want to seriously consider them.

    Great follow-up, huge array of resources (especially for marketing yourself), reasonably priced, flexible payment options, class organization.

    Have you cut your fist demos yet?

    Let me know if you have other questions!

    Bill Sleeper
  • Hi Everyone. I am new to the voice industry. I have a question: does anyone have any information, positive or otherwise, about a company called "Such A Voice"?
  • With regard to marketing and using P2P services...I have adopted a hide and watch MO. All of you have brought bits of important info for my consideration. My observation so far about one peculiar phenom. It seems that the sites, I've enrolled in and not payed to play, never seem to have the same audition requests. Does this happen by design or is it just the way it rolls. It would equate in my mind, that if I paid for all of them that are available, I would never do a duplicated audition. Yes, I'm still absorbing experience and it is possible it does happen and I just have not seen it yet. I defer to you vets out there for insight to this phenom.
  • Welcome Amilcar!

    One of the best resources for international marketing is

    You'll find a wealth of contacts that use voiceover services!
  • Hi everyone, I hope know more about this magic world of VOICE OVER, I have my own home studio from 6 years ago, I'm an audio engineer. Everything do you need to rec on spanish or english or produce audio, do not hesitate to ask me. And I would like to know, how can do best offer my services internationally? good day for everyone. this is my cel number!: (00502) 57420795 / MSN: DEMO COMING SOON.
    A family matter has caused me to have to cancel my attending VOICE 2010. Since there is no refund policy (only a transfer policy) I need to sell what I have already purchased. That includes the Red Carpet Reception; the complete VOICE 2010 event; and the Celebrity night banquet.

    I also have a suite reserved (next to Disneyland) for the entire week that would be an optional investment for you to consider. This suite sleeps six. Check in June 1st and check out June 8th. Here’s the website. It’s about 30 minutes or so to the event but since I’ll only charge you $60 per night it might be worth the commute.

    OPTION ONE All VOICE 2010 events $ 675 total
    OPTION TWO 7 nights hotel – WorldMark Anaheim $ 420 total
    OPTION THREE All VOICE 2010 events PLUS 7 nights hotel $1,095 total

    Thank you for your consideration. Payments accepted through PayPal but please call me BEFORE you make your payment to be sure somebody else hasn’t purchased this package. 1-970-219-6785

    With gratitude,
    David Brower
  • I've been checking out demos on the big agencies sites. And I am going for the ones where I feel I'd be a good fit with the style they have, or I am a different style thank what they have and feel I can help their roster. It's an ongoing process so I'll keep you posted to when I land a good one in Vancouver
  • HA!!!

    Andy did you just say "when the splidget-widget needs a whizzle?"

    Another "must remember!"
  • My analogy is that of a tool box... it seems that some things work well for one vo, something else for another. Yes, I have several screwdrivers of the same size, but there is one I prefer to use. Does that mean I never use the others? No, that one just gets more action.

    Having a variety of tools is essential, and it may just happen that one you rarely use might save you from disaster one day when the splidget-widget needs a whizzle. On the other hand a good hit with a hammer might just do the trick. Point is you never know.

    I agree with Dan, though, that the glue that holds everything together is contacts and communication.
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