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  • I have a question and I hope it isn't too ignorant. Can we get VO jobs from this site or just info sharing with other talent?
  • My thoughts on the online casting is this. It's my college education. It is also part of my work. It is a fantastic way to hone skills. Most importantly our work is being listened to by producers. Are Pay to Play sites the source of ones entire business? Absolutely not. Are they an important part of your marketing mix? Yes, most certainly. is top notch. I've met Sephenie at a mixer in LA. and I've talked to David on the phone. Great people. I don't know much about the other sites.
  • The amazing thing is that sometimes something apparently small is shared on this group which has unexpected spin-offs... I guess this is one of the effects of synergy (so I have to mention my recent blog on the theme:
  • Dear Dan I just saw your comment, that's really nice. I am still learning and I know I have a ways to go but I love doing voice acting, so I plan to stick with it for along time. Its really nice how so many people on this forum are really helpful and supporting. Thanks everyone.
  • For Mr. Hurst (sorry Dan) Andy B. wrote that you pointed out my demo to him. Thank you.
  • Okay, I'm so new to VU that I didn't even know you could upload demos! I just did it! Now I am going to go check out Alexis' demos!
  • Hey everybody, if you wanna hear a star in the making go check out Alexis' demos on her page!
  • I got a few jobs off V123, but its made me practice and got me some indirect work where I did not get a job but I was called directly later for another job. It also gave me some good demo material.

    My dad did about 70 auditions and never got a job on 123, but my older brother auditioned on my dad's account (he has the younger hip voice they were looking for) and the got the job the first time he auditioned. Then they said, they were going to use it for TV as well as radio and got double the fee he agreed to.

    My dad says he just got a lot of practice for work he found with his own marketing. It seems like its ok for us starting out but I don't think V123 is that good to really earn a living.

    My dad says he hates the smart cast system too but that has already been talked about a lot.
  • Yes, the booking ratio on P2Ps are rarely impressive and most every client wants to remain anonymous.

    @ Kelly, you have a variety of repeat business: that is the Gold Medal podium in this industry, everything else is Silver and/or Bronze!

    see above:
    I had lunch today with a friend that I’ve known for years. He’s a writer.  Writes ad copy.  You gotta watch those guys – they think in quotes.   Any…
  • Hi, first off, I am very green, too green, but I joined and got the standard freebie trial for voice123 about a month ago. Now, I am too green and possibly untalented enough to make a judgement, but, I will. I did actually land a job off of v123. But so many of the auditions are for $10 to $50, its not worth my time, and I don't, at least at this point, do this for a living, wish I could. And with 50 to 100 auditions to compete with, its tough. Don't know about yet, no work, done a lot of auditions, but again, its two fold, one, lack of experience and/or skill, and two, anywhere from 75 to 200 or more auditions for each project and you have no idea what the others are bidding. I won't continue my membership with 123 but will stick with voices for the time being as it is good practice if nothing else.
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