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  • These are great ideas for unpaid invoices!

    Also, for more great collection tips and advice, check out the previous posts at Rob Sciglimpaglia's group: Ask a Voice-over Attorney:

    Good luck everyone!
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  • Well, I am NOT going through 500+ messages, so if this has been covered, then sorry.

    Magnetic signs attached to your car/truck/tractor, whatever.

    Tax deduction.

    AND, every time some youngster sees your "site", they'll look it up on their cellphone.

    Future business.

  • I'm interested in the Telos Z/IP-is it available anywhere? I'm Canadian eh!
  • I just sent an e-mail kindly explaining that I had delivered the work and that I would like to be paid - using the example of a car dealer client who asked for an oil change and decided that he didn't want the service after the service was performed. I'll post what happens.
  • Question.......will the Telos connect to a remote party using Source Connect?
  • Regarding the non-paying client, your parenthesized comment that it is a car dealer group says it all. I worked as a vendor servicing up to 100 car dealerships for the past 4 years before I quit to do VO. While the majority of them are upstanding, there may be a myriad of reasons why they think they can get away with this, including the edict coming down from above, or the lower-level management working without the higher-up's knowledge. My suggestion which has worked well, is to try to salvage the relationship without compromise. Speak kindly, yet leave no doubt that you will follow through with whatever you have decided to do. If you decide they are worth keeping, then modify your business dealings with them in the future so that this cannot happen again. I understand the need for a paycheck and if you can salvage a client and work smarter, that's a feather in your cap.
  • Hi, Mr. Ervasti,
    Does the Telos Zepheyr/IP need a special ISBN line? My dad got Source Connect because they don't offer ISDN in our area.

  • Thanks, Dick on the other IP option, didn't know about it. One of my main studios went with SC so I had to go that way, and up till now I thought it was wasted money. On the cancel thing......I agree with everyone on send the invoice, you did your part, you deserve to get paid.
  • I concur, and I personally would threaten legal action as this is clearly a breach of contract. Normally for independent VO or production jobs I ask for 50% of my fee up front.
  • Dan,
    I totally agree with James. You've done the work and delivered as promised. The fact that the campaign is now cancelled is irrelevant. They hired you, they need to pay you. I mean, you wouldn't expect a pizza company to allow you to refuse to pay after they'd baked and delivered a pizza to your door but you decide you're not hungry anymore. They would stand at the door with pizza in hand and demand their money, whether you want to eat it or not!
    Go get your money! Let them realize you are a professional and need to be treated as such.
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