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  • I'd like to make a comment on the client cancelling the campaign...I agree with Frank and Dick...if you deliver the spot, you are owed the agreed upon price...period. Send the invoice and expect payment.

    I've done spots in the past that were "Spec" spots, but I knew that going in to the session...and I was ok with that...but to try and "Cancell" the spot after you've already delivered it doesn't work.
  • Hey All,
    Just wanted to say if you haven't signed up for Source Connect, I got word they are raising the price substantially in Feb. I signed up last year reluctantly, but just did a a radio commercial on it from my home studio and it worked like a charm...and paid for itself. :)
  • Hi Dan,

    If you've been asked in good faith to do work and you performed that work and you've agreed a price, etc, etc and you deliver the work as agreed, then you are entitled to your compensation. Every client I ever worked with has promised me future work - sometimes it's true, sometimes it isn't. This is irrelevant. If they like your work, they'll come to you in the future.

    Demand your money. Who knows what the future holds. You (or they) might not be around to find out.....

  • Waddaya do when you've delivered audio for a commercial and the client says we decided to cancel the campaign. The previous job I did for them they paid promptly and they have promised a lot of future work.

    I'm thinking that I'll void out this invoice but explain to them that in the future I'd like to be paid for the work I deliver.

    Saying something like (it's a car dealership group):
    If someone came in and asked for an oil change and the service is performed, then the customer says, "Oh, I didn't really need an oil change after all."

    What would you do? I do believe they will become a good, frequent client.
  • Tried voicehunter early on a few years back and thought there membership pricing was too high for the budgets I was auditioning for. Legitimate service however there local market is small and the project budgets reflect.
  • Thanks Dick for your information. I am extremely impressed with your sophisticated technical knowledge and infrastructure. I printed out your response for future reference.

    And, yes of course, I plan to run with the Big Dogs. I am chalking this up to my physical, mental and emotional training!
  • Hi, I have a very close friend who is higher up the food chain then me as far as experience goes, and I asked her about myself wanting to sign up to Voice Hunter. She told me unequivocally "no!" They are great as an organization but she has been paying for few years now and has not landed even one VO gig.
  • Anybody have experience with Voice Hunter ( I am considering signing-up. Would appreciate input. Thank you.
  • Hi Everyone -

    ..while we're talking scam's another one - my webhosting company's server was hacked on Friday morning and all of their 76K client websites were affected. I had a bunch of auditions out and was sooo nervous. From Friday until this morning my website simply said - HACKED BY GHOST 061 with some obscure Turkish message below.

    I am hoping I didn't lose any jobs but I gotta say having a presence on Voice 123 was a good thing as they could find my demos there too. Being backed up by Voice123 gave me comfort. Maybe we need to be asking our hosting companies about their crisis management plans? And their backup resources?
  • Hi Becky!!!

    Yeah, there are some pretty creative, resourceful people on here. And my experience is that they are generous gracious people that enjoy helping their fellow VO talents.

    So...if you have any away. We're also VERY opinionated!

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