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  • lol yes Mr. do we? :)

    Alexis, here's a link to the group, but if it doesn't work then do a search for "Working Voice Actor Group" in the groups in LinkedIn. You need a LinkedIn profile to take part, so sign up if you haven't done so yet.

    Ed's group is definitely the most active, but check out the group also. Lots of great discussions!
  • Mr. Hurst, how do I find Ed Victor's group?
  • Ooops forgot to ad a note on VO Planet. I used VOP for a three month cycle last year and don't recall getting any gigs nor auditions. I strongly suggest you ask any site you intend to advertise on if they would supply you with the number of non exclusive visits their site receives in a month. That's easy info obtained from a hosting company so they should have any trouble giving you the info. Also, when you run an ad on a site check your site sats as well. See if any of the referring sites are from the site or site you're running an ad on. Folks it's ROI always (return on investment) FWIW, check your sites stats as often as possible.
  • Once again, Dick, you have nailed it on the head! It is what it is.

    BTW, if y'all are signed up on, check out Ed Victors' discussion on fresh ways to find work:

    Ed's got a GREAT group going there, and this particular discussion has some brilliant insights.
  • My vote is for Quick Books as well. I think it's a great program. I've been using it for years. Easy to get to information. QB makes it a breeze to gather info for tax time too. I took a few one-on-one sessions with a local QB rep to get a jump start.
  • RE: VO Planet and other Pay To Play sites:

    There were some interesting notes in this Comment Wall made on this very subject back on Jan 9. You might scroll down and catch those.

    My other complaint about VO Planet was that they would often post the same job that I would get auditions for from other agencies but their rates would often be a few hundred dollars less. When I asked them about it, they told me it was because they had to pay their paymaster. Then they said I could deal directly with the client. But they don't have a system in place to give you the real rate the client is offering.

    And like I said before, I never got one job through them.
  • VOPlanet...I just got offered the same $185 renewal to stay with them. Been there 2 years with out a single gig. Brent is right..."added to client favorites" doesn't quite cover lunch.
  • Yes Brent I actually have landed a job with VO Planet. I was fortunate to land a national commercial, saying one line and received $600. That was about 5 months ago. Like you, I also have been on the "added to client favorites" since then but no jobs. It is frustrating and my ROI on their membership is poor to say the least. I keep on with VO Planet because they tend to have higher quality auditions than V123 and albeit the auditions are few and far between. I'm pretty sure that I will be dropping the other P2P sites but I might stick with VO Planet a little longer.
  • Hey guys!

    Alexis, I just started using Freshbooks and love it. It's a web-based invoicing system that you pay for monthly. There are different plans depending on how many clients you have, and the lowest one is free if you want to try it out. It also syncs with a FREE site that allows you to keep track of your expenses, PayPal info, bank accounts, etc. called I'm not sure if there are any programs that allow you to "manage" your contacts and accounting all in one though, I just use Outlook.......2800 entries and counting, and it's still keeping up with me.

    And Brent, I never joined VO Planet, just seemed like they were trying too hard to lure people in when they first came on the scene with their big paychecks. I do know people that have booked with them, but oddly enough they are all in the Atlanta area where the site is based. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not.
  • Quite right Brent! I am in discussion with Michelle at the moment having not renewed my membership. It is even worse for Brits and I requested at the very least a scaled down membership since there are so few auditions for us and it seems unfair that we have to pay the same subscription. $250 does not seem to be a good rate for about 14 possible auditions in a year. I also mentioned to Michelle that there were more and more comments like yours on the networking sites and she replied that she didn't take much interest in them. It also took 2 months for her to reply to me after I wrote to her with the reasons why I was not renewing, even with a prompt.

    If you look at their job numbering system, you will also notice how few jobs they actually post, so even for the Americans it must be a helluva scramble to actually land a job! And she enlightened me by informing that she has 600 talents on her books.

    I have been offered a discount to $185 to bring me back into the fold (not as a Brit incentive). If they offered a $100 Brit subscription I might consider as to be fair, the jobs they do post are high value and I would like a crack at them.

    Not sure that I have been of any help, as this is a Brit perspective of the situation, but I would be interested to hear more comments on VOPlanet
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