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  • Well, I gotta say, I spent a couple of hours the other night reading old posts/threads here in Marketing for Fun and Profit. Excellent group, excellent comments, lots of great info! Thanks!
  • Dan,
    This is what I got last month...

    Dear Kevin,
    We are human resources managemtent, acting on behalf of our client and
    base on your exprience in voice recording/video etc, we are looking forward to you in the area of audi/visual marketing, broadcasting, as a non-resident employee with the company, for the new tv-station to stand market competitive. With this information we hope you should know exactly what should be done.


    Marcezulu Desmond.

    Tel: +6010-207-1540

    I followed up with an another one back that wanted to set up a meeting with their Dubi

    It appears there is a new scam just starting - similar to the other Nigerian Scams where they send you money - you send them a deposit in good faith - their check bounces, and you lose your deposit. This is what I got in my inbox on

    Dear Dan,
    I am amaze with what i saw there in your profile over this voice service.
    Unfortunately that I dont have work to offer you but I would like to be an indelible partner to your company, for the expansion of your company as this service is widely needed in the world today.

    Should incase my request is honor, do let me know what is your offer in terms of quota in the company share.

    Please to see your reply.

    Dr. Sheeton Lee.

    Tel: 6017-267-2018.
  • Shots and a garlic salad!!!

    Quit talking about breakfast, will ya!!?!?!?!
  • HA!!!

    No biggie!!!

    And that's one of the good things about being in the Midwest - we can stay up a little later than you East Coasters and still sorta keep up with you West Coasters!!!
  • lol I didn't even realize you posted the link in your earlier post Dan....sorry! Wasn't trying to step on any toes I promise. :) The nice girl asked for a link so I gave her one. I did try the one you posted earlier and that one worked too......

    But just for the record, I lost it a LONG time ago. HA! Night all....I turn into a pumpkin at 2am and it's now 2:01.
  • HA!

    Oh good, Marilee!!!

    In spite of what Trish thinks...I'm not totally completely losing it!!!

    ...just partly.
  • Dan - I just clicked and logged on my Linkedin with no problem and then joined the group. Thanks for reminding me about the link.
  • HA!

    First of all, Alexis, please just call me Dan. Mr. Hurst lives in Virgina, and he's never done a voiceover in his life.

    Secondly, Trish, HA!!!!! I thought the link I loaded would work for Linkedin members. Guess not, huh? Thanks for helping out!!!

  • Thanks you all for your suggestions.
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