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  • Thanks for posting that Dan.

    I do not like or use the pay to audition sites, however, it is nice to see what others are doing. I depend on my own website, email, cold calling, and word of mouth to attract new clients.
  • Dan,
    Great article from Jennifer. Thanks for posting it...
  • Thank you, Dan, for posting Jennifer's exceptional article. Not only did I learn an excellent lesson on marketing my business from her, but I also gained a great deal from those who responded to her article!
  • Dan, Thank you for posting Jennifer Vaughn's site regarding year end ROI comparisons. Very informative!!!
  • For those of you wondering whether or is the way to go, check out Jennifer Vaughn's assessment:
  • I agree. I contacted an old client and now he's pitching me for jobs. Referrals are key and I believe client testimonials are also a great way to show satisfaction to prospective customers
  • Thanks for sharing that David. It certainly stresses the importance of building relationships and staying connected with people. Good luck with your efforts in 2010!
  • My clients over the past 18 months: 35% came from networking 30% from referrals and 22.5% from Auditioning sites and 12.5% from the web...great exercise to start off the New Year.
  • Heads up, everyone!

    For those of you who are interested in BNI (Business Networking Intl), there is a similar organization that has a little broader reach. Check out

    BNI and Accelerent both have their positives and negatives. BNI is quite useful if you are in a larger market. Accelerent is more useful if you are trying to appeal to a larger market beyond your town.

    Are either one worth the cost of membership? Well now, that's impossible to answer! Each situation is different because each one is made up of different players.

    But it's worth taking a look at!
  • Hi all,
    As a relatively new VOT, I have pulled my hair out, trying to follow "must take" advice in this industry, until I realized just what you all are saying. What works for one, may not work for another. This goes for EVERYTHING... from curing mouth noise, to marketing, to agent representation. So I am just grateful that ideas are posted so freely... we need lots to choose from! Also remember that you cannot pin your success on others. Somewhere I heard "If it's meant to be, it's up to me."
    Keep on truckin'!
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