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  • Just a Heads Up...It's that time of the year when clients are having to spend their creative budget! It seems to happen every December and June. This would be a GREAT time to contact your client database and let them know that if they are doing last minute production you are available to help them out!
  • My new blog is up and running! Subscribe now at There will be a new post waiting for you every Monday morning including the "What’s The Most Popular Reference Book On VoiceOver?" that will post on 12/14
  • Thanks Dan,
    Blessings and Much success.
  • no worries, thanks dan, and cheaper too!
  • HA! I screwed up the name of the little recorder app. It's Recorder Pro from Dava Consulting. Sorry about that!!!

  • which one is it exactly dan? there are like 6 in itunes that are some variation of "pro recorder."
  • Hello everyone! I am new to the group. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. Wow! I am just so impressed with the sound quality of the iPhone Prorecorder. Dan Hurst, thank you for the demo! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to being a part of this prestigious group!
  • The quality of sound was quite impressive Dan. Something I will consider in the near future. Thanks for sharing.
  • Wow Dan, that sounds really good! We may soon no longer even need a studio anymore.
  • Hey Everybody!

    Hope the Thanksgiving break was a good one for you...relaxing and rewarding...and that now you are ready to hit it hard on the homestretch!

    I wanted to let you know about a little gadget - an app - that I've found to use on my iPhone that might come in handy for you in a pinch. It's the ProRecorder. I've used it. It works great. If you wanna hear a sample of what it does, check it out at: That was recorded on my iPhone, with no special equipment or effects.

    Best at ya!

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