This is a group to share ideas on marketing (y)our VO biz. What works? What doesn't?
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Make yourself at home here!

There are hundreds of voice talents willing to share their ideas and help you with your marketing strategy or questions. All you have to do is ask.

Got a question or a comment? Jump right in!

And if you have any suggestions on how to improve our little corner, feel free to email me:


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  • Hello!
    Thanks for the invitation. I'm brand new to VU and it was nice to receive your warm welcome. Interesting group ~ really excited about the conversations going on here, can't wait to dive in! -Best wishes- ~Tess
  • Hello, Thank you for the invitation to join the group. I am looking forward to learning from other VO actors and will find the information very helpful being new to the industry. Kristen Harkness
  • Hey guys, take a look at Scott's offer below. I've known Scott for many, many years. He's a great production guy, and knows websites!!! He's a good guy to have in your back pocket!
  • How does your web site reflect your marketing?, Do you use it as a tool? Did you design it, or have it designed, how often do you update your site with new demos, new clients, new anything. Just curious, I've been in the business of broadcasting for a lot of years, and if I can't make money with my voice, perhaps I can write some code that will make YOU money and me too. Thoughts?
  • Dear all, Ni Hao 你好!

    Nice to join this group to see all of you from the globe!
    We are new here, if there's anything we can help with your Chinese or Asian project , pls kindly let us know ;)

    BD Manager
  • Stefan, which font would you prefer?
  • I read your blog. Please use some other font that is more easy to read.

    Yes I've been working internationally for several years with clients in 19 countries. From England to Australia, from Singapore to San Diego.To us europeans, you americans sound so cute everytime you discover there is a world outside the USA... :-))
  • Morning!

    I posted a new blog about International Voiceovers. You can check it out at:


  • Hey Arthur!

    There are some pretty good ideas on here!!! Just float around and check them out. Some of them will really get your creative juices flowing!!!

    Holler if there's anything we can do for you!

  • Hey, Thanks for the Invite! I can defintely see how this will be a great resource!
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