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  • Well this bizniz is lika any other buy and sell, you live and die..and somewhere in between you get someting done sometimes :-))
  • Thank you for the invitation, Dan!

    I look forward to participating and appreciate the opportunity to be part of such a proactive and informational group.

    Paul Copeland
  • Hey VO world!

    Check out my latest blog on MISTAKES VO TALENT MAKE. And please feel free to comment.


  • Hey Everybody!

    Stephanie from has written an excellent blog that you should definitely check out:

    Great insight, Stephanie!!!

  • Ever need to find some economic data or demographic breakdown for a client in 15-30 seconds? check this out - I'm producing a jingle for a client and they sent it to me. Pretty cool.
  • I agree with you David.

    I have done trade with my ISP. I do VO for his computer shop for the monthly fee of internet web hosting. Also I've been able to get computer work done in trade from him. I've also done trade with a lawn care service. I get to use his plow truck for plowing my driveway or hauling trash to the dump. Here is a link to a recent project I did for him.
  • Hey Kevin, a lot of it depends on where you live and what the economy's like there. Some home remodelers do advertising and it would certainly be fair to offer them your work as a barter for part of their work.

    I know a Radio Sales manager who once traded out some work on his house...and his car...and his groceries!!! I'm not sure where he is now...probably in jail.

    Ha! No, it's perfectly legal to do it. In fact, there are barter clubs all over the place. You might Google some of them and see what you come up with!
  • Here is a thought on an old radio guy I miss trade. LOL Seriously, though, if you have an in with a radio station they might be creative to help you help them help your contractor but that might be more brain surgery than it's worth. The easy one? On-Hold/IVR projects would be a natural that most businesses wouldn't even think of but might be a welcome idea and once the work is done you just could end up with an on-going client. I'm trying that approach myself right we'll see how it turns out.
  • I know my builder doesn't have anything he needs recorded. Bummer too cause I had the material delivered 3 weeks ago and he hasn't shown up yet. Oh well ...he's a good friend and I know where he lives. He WILL however consider trading LABOR hours for his labor....Hmmmmm. Do I REALLY want to help re-roof a 12/12 roof??
  • Here's an "Off the Wall" question...I need some work done around my house...has anyone ever successfully "Traded Out" voice work for home remodeling?
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