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  • David, 3 B's more than you can remember?
  • I like it... my Twitter name is PoppasVoice You have too many B's for me LOL
  • Hey David, I have changed my Twitter name to BigBoldBillVO
  • Hey David!

    What's your Twitter name?

    Mine's DanHurstVO.
  • Poppa Tweets? Yep, never say never but Poppa Tweets! Please feel free to "follow" and with your OK I would love to "follow" you as well. With gratitude, David
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm here. I'm humble. Teach me! (The questions are enroute)
  • Hey Scott,

    I use at the freebie level. I've bid on projects but had no bites either. I've simply had better luck marketing my own talents. Still it's nice to get other leads from time to time. You never know when the right person or gig will come along. I just recently received a project recording a book for a new client and she found me through another prospect that I haven't heard from in over a year!!

    So you never know where things might lead.

    Keep talkin!

  • Scott - I have used Guru with the same results - auditions, but no work. I have had folks tell me that they have a wider focus, not just voice, so that seems to limit the jobs. I don't know if it is true or not. I think it is one of those sites you just have to keep on the back burner, check out the job offerings if you are doing the free route and wait. I don' think it can be a major source of work. Strictly my opinion. I have heard that if you don't get your bid in the first 1 1/2 to 2 hours you are most likely out of luck. Again, just a story, but I think it lets us know how highly competitive the site is.
  • Anybody use I just started playin with them, gotten a few auditions but no bites yet...whaddya think?
  • Hi CB! Welcome aboard!!!

    You're pretty much on target with the "niche" concept. Perhaps another way of looking at it might be to determine what arena you play best!

    For example, I'm not an imaging guy. I sound stupid trying to deliver the imaging sound. So, I don't waste my time there. And you'll never hear me on a movie trailer. Video game, maybe; but not movies. I'm bilingual. That little fact has opened hundreds of doors. Now, I have clients that don't even know I speak Spanish. But the bilingual "niche" has become a foundation for me to build on.

    Some folks make a great living just in telephony. Some are character voices. Some specialize in audio books or e-learning. Some even focus in on specific industries. My friend Drew Dimmel is in almost every airport in the country telling people to watch their bags.

    So carve out your niche. It's a great way to establish yourself.
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