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  • I am joining the group to learn about marketing techniques in the VO world. The basics never change but I am continually amazed at the way the vehicles and techniques are on hyper drive development. I think picking a niche to work within might be the best for starters. Whadda ya think?
  • Hey Chuck, do you have any sample of these. Demos on your website?
  • Sorry here is the finish.....Wanted to know if anyone does this..What would be ball park figure to do the message plus any updates during the year(weekend..holidy etc) and by what means do you get the recorded message into Their phone system....ANY help would be Greatly # is 727-224-0766 or my e-mail if you want to give me your My heartfelt thanks in advance.. ( I have 13 of these to start by the way) My $ thought was anywhere from $75.00 to $125.00.... low being for average biz and high for Doctors/Lawyers etc....$25.00 for any update....
  • Hey Gang...Hope the holiday weekend was great for all....I need some advice and help...I am venturing into an after hours message campaign sort to speak...Got actual messages from MY Doctors and some other local businesses in Tampa....Recorded them and now want to e-mail them as an mp3 to proper channels to try and sell them along with offering updates...Wanted to know if anyony does thi...what
  • Wanted to weigh in on the pay sites too! I have been a member of since '06 and am very happy with their service. You have unlimited auditions, as you should!, and their surepay system deposits funds in your account within 3 days of the project completion.

    I checked out Voices123 at the same time I began with and was greatly disappointed which seems to be a recurring theme. VO Planet looks pretty good as well but I haven't done my research yet. Anyway have a happy Memorial Day weekend all and keep rockin!
  • Just another reason that I don't use Pay for Play sites like 123 and the others. Great story thanks for sharing
  • John, that's hilarious and SO typical of that company...
  • Is anyone one using
  • That's funny...I'm sure if it happened to me I wouldn't think so! My experience with Voice123 is equally as frustrating...the new "Smart Cast" system they use is's supposed to generate audition leads for me based upon my profile...and I'm always getting leads for female voices...or foreign voices...which I don't do!
    Another really frustrating feature for penalizes you if you audition too much! How can you audition too much? Aren't we supposed to go on as many auditions as we can?

    When I asked about this to customer service, they couldn't give me an I stopped auditioning for a while...and they sent me an email saying if I didn't audition soon I would be placed on Inactive!

    Needless to say, I won't be re-upping my account this year!
  • John - That is unreal! Says a lot about how they do business, doesn't it?!
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