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  • I'm Linkedin, twitterized, Plaxo'd, BrightFused, I have 2 Blogs, my twitter updates my Facebook profile and my blog at the same time, the SEO is enormous, but I did get one lead and I have lots of new VO friends. Networking is the key, the more I am socially connected to other voice over pros, others in the Media Industries , in my opinion the better off I am. I got a new agency (SunSpots) to accept my demo and join their ranks and that lead came through Facebook so I use it a lot, eventually it will bring some business my way, after all I AM talented (I am not being arrogant, or at least I don't think I am).
  • OK, this is what I'm talking about.... In real time, Trish sees my note here, talks with me through the chat function of Facebook, teaches me how to use the search function of Tweetdeck. Amazing.
  • Beyond marketing, social networking is a learning tool for me. Checking out links, reading posts and following someone who is as masterful at it as Trish. The other night, she broadcast live doing actual voice work and answering questions – and I found out about it on Twitter. She really should write a book – it could be written online and published over a year or two in 140 character chapters ;-)
  • wow Dan you opened a can of worms on this one! lol I have leveraged these sites and get jobs from them fairly often...I've learned that they are all connected! Engaging is the key. And status updates are the bomb! Don't underestimate the power of a mere 140 characters....

    I could write a book on this but that's the general basics....
  • Got a big question for everybody...

    How are you using,,, and Twitter to market yourself?
  • Hey, just wanted to give everyone...especially our newbies...a heads up on This is a website where you can go and bid on VO jobs in the Audio Section. The jobs are REALLY low pay, but hey...they're jobs. And especially if you're starting out and wanting to get some work, this is a good place to get some experience and a few bucks.

    Good luck!
  • Persistence and systems – it's a winning combination… over time. An example? About 5 months ago I had contacted a cinematographer/producer from a referral. While it should have been a warm lead, all I got was the chance to send my demo. The follow up phone conversation was a voice mail back saying, “I’ll keep it on file”. Regular contact with post card and email. Nothing. The latest reason to contact was a new demo and an ask if he would accept an update. Sent it off. The next day, an email with an offer to be part of a long term series of voiceover “commercials” for use on the web. Recorded the first tonight.
  • While at times I fear that the Voice Talent Pool is approaching flood stage, you have to STOP and realize that THERE IS a lot of work out there. IF you make the effort to network and get your name out there you're bound to see results.. I was told a long time ago when times were tight....Don't pray for the money to fall into your lap. There's no winning lotto ticket in my future so just pray for the OPPORTUNITY to get the opportunities to Make the Money. I swear, it works. Within a day or two my phone rings or I get an e-mail for a project. There are so many avenues to let clients know who you are.....Use them. Like the classic movie line says...."Build it & they will call." Chuck Britton
  • Karen,

    I agree....Craig's List is a great way to meet some of the big time and small time producers who are marketing their work to become BIG Time Producers.

    One of the tricks I learned about contacting was from a sales manager years ago. Always pay attention to everyone you meet while at a client or prospects place of business, and learn their names and what they do. You never know when that contact that you befriended will become a decision maker later on...OR start a business of their own!

    So far I'm lovin this site for all the ideas that are available to us. You don't see this kind of help in other industries. Thanks to all of you for your comments and ideas!


    Tommy Chalker
  • Tom,

    That sounds like how I do the Craigslist thing. I love that Squeeze thing that Jack was talking about although I have never tried it. I just finished a class on ccs and learned a little Java script so maybe I could figure it out.

    I usually ALWAYS respond to ads and rarely post any. I to feel that it cheapens me. I have gotten a lot of repeat clients from Craigslist. It's a great CHEAP way to hook up with new production houses across the country.
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