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  • Thanks Dan...I'm pretty nosey so it should be easy for me! LOL

    Jack I too do a lot of poking around on Craig's List. It doesn't take long. I only respond to ads placed by others searching for VO artists though. I don't place any ads for VO. I feel that it de-values the quality of what we do as voice artists....Don't get me wrong...I've done my fair share of freebies and low budget projects and will continue to do those till the day I die. I simply enter the search word "voice" click on the tab "gigs" and search from there. I gained a GREAT customer in Florida and Texas doing this. Great customer meaning a client who hits the Pay Pal account faster than I can send the invoice!! Gotta love those clients.

    Well I gotta run.I just mailed out another demo to a prospect in Arizona and I contacted Stars Talent agency in San Francisco by phone and sent a link of demos to them.


    Tommy Chalker
  • I too have cruised through the many many Craigslist city sites, I've applied at a few places that were advertising for or looking for VO talent, but as far as offering a service click through, I would be interested to know how that "squeeze" works. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hey Jack (Henriquez)!

    I'm fascinated by the Craigslist approach. Karen Carson mentioned in here some time ago that she gets leads off of Craigslist all the time.

    What section in Craigslist do you target?

    ...and thanks for the info!!!
  • Hi Tom!!! Welcome aboard!!! Just nose around and if you see something you want to comment on...or have a question about...JUMP IN!!!
  • Hi EVRYBODY.....I feel SOOOOO at home here with all you fellow voice artists!! I think this web site will be MORE beneficial than Facebook!!

    TOO COOL!!
  • Hey Everyone,
    Before I forget I want thank you for letting me be part of this fine group and just to let you know I only want to help and not pitch you I know I come across like a hardcore Network Marketer
    that's not the case I just know how to get noticed and bring the goods and in no way do I want anyone to feel uncomfortable i am hear to share and learn.
    Jack Henriquez
    "Content is King"
  • Hi Dan,
    The first thing I learned was my story marketing and this is the basis for most of what I do-
    :example: Craigslist
    I place a clickable ad that sends people to a squeeze while there they see a video showing what I do either way I get noticed and a email address

    another thing I like is video emails

    Once again you must brand yourself and what you do

    Jack Henriquez
    Have Productive Day !

  • Welcome Jack!!!

    I'm looking forward to learning about some of your strategies!

    What one strategy do you keep going back to again and again?
  • Self Marketing (Its Free)
    Hi my name is Jack Henriquez I'm Entertainer from Florida I have used self promotion for years utilizing the Web and learning more everyday I'm no agent
    but I've had my share I hope to help this group with my knowledge of production and Web2.0 I'm confident I will learn from others as well I think this is true netwoking.

  • Chuck, are you kidding???!!!???


    You're a musician.

    'nuff said!!!
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